10 Best Restaurants from where you can order food on Grubhub

Nidhi Rai

February 11, 2019 12:05 PM

There is no sincere love than the love for food. And who loves to cook when the best is available handy. Even though you are at home or on the go, these are some approved, sure shot places that deliver. Gone are the days when you have to wait on line and talk to grumpy operators who take forever to take orders, or have to scream to give orders due to the loud background noise. Ordering food has always been a fuss. Not just ordering, but knowing which are the best restaurants were so limited. Thanks to the on-demand food delivery services.


The advantage of these on-demand food delivery services are that you get a variety of options to select from, in terms of restaurants, cuisines, price comparison. Since you have the options, over time you can take a call on the quality and shortlist the places for your convenience. These services save a lot of our time. Not all of us have the time or lifestyle where cooking can be part of the routine. That is when these services come in handy. With just few clicks, you have a universe of information in front of you. Most of us are worried about the health issues that associate with ordering from restaurants but not all restaurants are unhealthy. Reviews and rating, question and answer sections can help to understand the feedback of other customers before you decide to order. There are many homecooks that are listed in these services who provide home food which guarantees healthy food and is best if you are someone who has routine of eating out because of inconvenience of cooking at home.


Restaurants are finding online as the way to go as their customer base is online. For boosting revenue, foot fall is important says few restaurateurs. Online presence is a better opportunity to get more visibility by showing ads which otherwise would have been not possible to hear or see every restaurant reach every customer. Online increases its presence tremendously than the traditional methods. 42% of orders were mad online in 2017 and it is expected to rise to 53% in 2019. Apps are offering ordering services through their app.


Grubhub is one of the leading on-demand food delivery services. Grubhub is a food delivery takeout which helps you find food from wherever you are online and through app. All you need to do is to select the location in the search bar and it will throw results with the plethora of restaurants in and around that area. Want to do refine search? Then select by cuisine restaurant name or menu. You get regular coupons from different restaurants. Select the option for “coupons” on the left menu. Listing down the Top 10 restaurants from where you can order food on Grubhub




  1. NY Grill – NY grill is the place of dreams. The menu is loaded with delicious breakfast options in sandwiches with stuffing’s of your choice from ham, turkey, eggs, chicken to bacon. Their special’s are the Turkey bacon eggs and cheese on a croissant and Monte Cristo Sandwich both at $8.50. Complement your sandwiches with smoothies and fresh squeezed juices.
  2. KATZ’s – NYC – Pastrami here is the food of dreams. It is smoked for months before it is eaten. You will usually see a huge queue to own one but you can order and get it delivered at your doorstep.





3. Kenny and Zukes – Portland, OR – This place claims to supply the best Jewish deli and very popular for their dishes in the west coast as compared to their counterpart in New Year, Montreal etc.


4. Bene Bistro – The rating for this Deli restaurant is rare. With a perfect 5 star rating, it houses specialties like vegan, gluten-free for the healthy and perfect combos who live their lives large. Some of their specials are “The impossible Burger – 100% Vegan has patty that is made with all plant protein topped with vegan mozzarella, tomato and lettuce. 3 Grilled Chicken Taco is yet another delicacy that is a must-have because it is gluten free. It is nothing but a seasoned grilled chicken, pico de gallo, avocado and goat cheese topped with chitpole sauce on 6ox tortillas.


Pizza, Fried Chicken and Noodles


5. Sizzle Pie, Seattle – Located at different places, with headquarters in Portland, this place claims to serve the biggest slice of pizza. Though pizza is what you will go hunting for but you surely will end up with their breadsticks as well.


6. Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles, LA Area – Roscoe’s is the favorite fried chicken and waffles shack and it is sumptuous. Nobody knows chicken like they do! Their greens, mac and cheese, are quite famous. Former President Obama, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Durant have enjoyed the Roscoe’s. Order online through Grubhub to get your meal hot and fresh.


7. Roberta’s, NY – Roberta’s is always jam packed. They are famous for Italian food and wood-fired pizza. The pizza crust is always perfectly crispy, cheese is of great quality, and the sauces on both were well-bodied and delicious.


8. Jinya Ramen Bar – Jinya Ramen is a chain of restaurants across the nation. If you are looking for the traditional taste, then this is it! They claim every bowl is above other and what best if you get to customize your taste.


     Desserts and Treats


9. Beard Papa – Beard Papa is a quirky name and as interesting as their name is so is the menu. Beard Papa is an international chain of cream puff store, now 300 stores worldwide. It started in Japan with a slogan of fresh and natural cream puff. They are crispy on the outside and creamy in the inside and irresistible overall.


10. Ess – a – Bagel, NYC – This is quite a popular café serving delicious bagels and appetizing salads.



        Grubhub lists over 50000 restaurants across 1000+ cities in the United States. At Grubhub, you have many options to save which includes discounts, timely coupons from various restaurants. Download the app to get additional discount. Be aware of the Grubhub signup bonus. You will love the deal! Signup to our promotional emails and start receiving special offers through our newsletters.