Being Happy at Work

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If the words “happy” and “work” are put together, they would most likely be perceived as an oxymoron to most people. Often, many of us would testify that our jobs are merely financial means to an end. Even more would lament about the drudgery of everyday work life – the “slow death” that saps our energy from day to day. If this is the case, it would be truly ironic that we actually spend the bulk of our time (approximately 5 work days a week) being unhappy. And if we were to extrapolate this across an entire career, a grim picture awaits all of

In 2011, a multinational survey of 14 countries ranked Singapore employees as the least happy. 42% of those who were surveyed indicated that they were dissatisfied or more than dissatisfied with their jobs. With rapidly changing marketplaces, job demands have been struggling to keep pace.

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