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When faced with difficult health circumstances or choices regarding your treatment options, seeking the expert advice from ourproficientteam of doctors and surgeons is the best thing you can do. With decades of experience in their respective domains,you can rest assured of their expertise in providing accurate recommendations oneffective treatments toensure your speedy recovery.

Why is it important?

Seeking a second opinionon treatment prescribed by your physician is highly recommended, especially for critical health conditions. It can help you get more information,or even obtain a differing point-of-view, which could be more suitable than what you’ve been advised. Listed below are some of the common conditions for whicha second/third opinioncould be vital –

On being recommend a surgery
When on-going treatment has not been yieldingresults
When your physician recommends elective surgery
When unconvinced about theprescribed diagnosis and tests
In addition, there could be scenarios when your physician himself/herself recommends a second opinion. Also, in cases when you have been recommended an elective surgery, a second opinion can be a mandatory requirement by the insurance plan.

Whatever be the situation, when you approach Manipal Hospitals, you are assured to get the best response and complete satisfaction.

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