How Google Search Console enhance your website presence in the Google search result?

Google search console is a without charge service offered by the Google to all the users who want to maintain their website’s presence in Google Search results. Recently Google introduced the beta version that has previous features, as well as new upgrade features. Webmasters and SEO service in Singapore providers will able to use both the versions until and unless the change is complete.

Google search console mainly used by the business owner, SEO marketer, site administrator, web developer, app developer, and lots more. Additionally, you should be aware of it as well as become familiar with the basic. It’s a brilliant idea to know the functionality, features of the search console as well as know how your site is performing in search results so you can make important decisions about your site.

Some of the major features of Google Search Console are:

Search Analytics- It is one of the most popular features of Google Search Console. It tells you a lot about how to get organic traffic from Google. It also offers critical search metrics from the website that includes clicks, impressions, rankings and click through rates. It is easy to filter data in multiple ways like pages, queries, devices, and more.

HTML Improvements- The section pertaining to HTML Improvements helps in improving the display of the SERP. If any issue related to SEO arises, this features help in their identification. Issues like Missing Metadata, Duplicate content, over or under optimized Metadata and more can be readily identified.

Fetch as Google- This tool always makes sure that the web pages are search engine friendly. Google crawls every page on the site for publishing or indexing on the Search Engine Result Page. The URL is inspecting with the help of this tool for verification.

Crawl Errors- The quickest way to access Crawl Errors is from the dashboard. The main dashboard gives you a quick preview of your site, showing you three of the most important management tools: Crawl Errors, Search Analytics, and Sitemaps.

Data Highlighter- It is an alternative way to mark-up data on your site to appear in search.
Sitelinks- If you search for some brands or high authority websites, sitelinks are displayed the base of the website in the search engine results.

The best SEO Company in Singapore mainly focused on online marketing and search console mainly used by them. Search Console will help you by observing your website traffic, optimize your ranking, and make decisions about the outer shell of your site’s search results. You can use the information in Search Console to control the technical decisions for the website and do complicated marketing analysis with other Google tools like Analytics, AdWords, and Google Trends.


Today customers have to get aware of the Google search console features if you like to improve the overall presentation of your website tries this tool to improve the visibility and get the best result. The new Search Console was restructured from the ground up by surfacing the most actionable insights and creating an interaction model which guides you through the process of fixing any pending issues.