These Countries Should Be Your Next Destination To Explore!

Holidays can be many things. It can be dreamy night in the resort, a long drive to overseas or just being in the neighboring place. If you are planning for your holidays, but don’t know where to step in, do check these places.

These countries are exciting, thrilling and offer everything a person want in there vacations.


Chile is a sinewy silver of the country, which is isolated from South America. Its wide-open and natural landscapes will make your vacation worth-visiting.  Chile’s dessert, green-lush forests, massive volcanoes and the modern and accessible city of Santiago, this country will take you on different adventures.

United Staes:

United States hosts many amazing and vibrant cities to fill your travelling soul. Florida, New York, Colorado, Texas, etc. are some of the most popular cities to dip yourself in amazing things. Whether you want to savor the mouth-watering food of Texas or you want to witness Eifel Tower of New York or want a stay in a relaxing hotel room in Ouray the country has everything.

Relish hot springs in the glisters of water, enjoy waterfall hiking, get on road tours or witness the museums of the country, there’s something for everyone.


Emerged from the long shadow cast of Spain, Portugal is a center of art, culture, and cuisine. There’s a spate of amazing and artistic museums, tempting microbrewery scenes and more to enjoy.  Head to the place to soak at its beaches, taste its mouth-watering cuisine and be a part of Portugal’s incredible culture.

South Korea:

If you want to witness Asian modernity, head to South Korea. The high-rises soar, fantastic cafe’s,  bars, and huge libraries, the place is blessed with amazing things to enjoy. Koreans love natural landscapes, so get into the attractive gardens of the city and admire the nature. There’s a sky garden, Seoul’s secret garden, Garden of Morning Calm, Namiseom Island and more to give you mystic feels of nature.

New Zealand:

New Zealand is a place for adventure-seekers. The amazing trails, the Great Walks, and the country’s exquisite topography will give you tempting feel. Climb in Wanaka, which is set-up in the foothills on the way to Tititea or test your nerves on the Sky Walk.  The Sky Tower of New Zealand is around 328m high and is located in the downtown. There’s Aurora borealis to witness the snow in Southern Hemisphere.


From catacombs to air-raid shelters to prehistoric temples, Malta will give you major vacation goals. Besides being the traditional destination for sun and sea, Malta has many more things to explore.  It’s a paradise of history buff’s with amazing circular temples, voluptuous female statuettes and the star attraction, Hal Saflieni Hypogeum,  capture the beauty of Malta in your travel book.

And don’t forget to taste its outstanding cuisine, made from the delicious seafood and fresh veggies.  If you want an action-packed holiday in Malta, visit Gozo. Gozo is one of the best destinations for divers featuring dramatic underwater scenery and astonishing underwater scenery.

Why waiting? Get your backpack and head to the above destinations and add them to your secret destination’s list!