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Break Your Old Habits: Alternative Storage Ideas for Your New Apartment

Nidhi Rai

December 15, 2018 05:34 PM

While it may seem easier to leave things around the apartment in piles, it may be time to grow up a little and find some storage answers to your struggle. That is not to say that you have to use conventional means to give everything its place, but it is worthwhile to consider a few alternative ideas that can be fun and still give you a way to get things into reliable storage.

Use Armoires or Rolling Storage When You Don’t Have Closets

Armoires or rolling storage racks can be helpful to keep clothes hanging and wrinkle-free when you don’t have a closet in your bedroom - or in the apartment at all. You can invest in these items and see your clothes get prominent space to stay wrinkle-free for business meetings or interviews. You can move on to another focus and be confident that your storage is adequate for your clothing needs.

Mount Crates on the Wall to Provide Storage Space

For those who live in an apartment with unused wall space, the perfect solution is to mount crates and use those for various storage needs, including socks or items you might store in a drawer otherwise.

Hang Your Laundry Hamper on the Back of Your Door

Another clothing issue tends to be having a place to put dirty clothes that doesn’t involve a pile or under your bed. If you hang a laundry hamper on the back of the door, you can be sure to notice when you get a lot of dirty clothes building up and schedule a day to do laundry.

Create a Staircase Bookshelf

This provides storage in an attractive visual, but it can be difficult to create. For those handy with tools and engineering, this is a worthwhile project. For others, it may end up being a better investment of money to buy one and save your time for projects that are easier to accomplish.

However, the staircase bookshelf is an easier project than a loft bed with bookshelf stairs. If that is your dream, try this one for size first.

Tuck your Garbage Can into a Tilting Cabinet

This provides counter space or storage on the top while keeping the garbage out of sight and still within reach. This scenario is a win-win for those with limited space and a desire to not run into the garbage can while navigating the room regularly.

For those who just do not have the space in their residence to store everything they own, one good option to consider is to rent storage units. This provides a storage space outside of your normal living areas, freeing the floors of clutter while you aren’t forced to sell or throw away these items you don’t use on a daily basis.

For some, this becomes an experiment to see what you missed. Then, you can start considering items for sale or to be thrown away.

The ultimate goal is a stress-free living space, and storage ideas are only half the battle.