Feel the Market

It still amazes me how pros are able to produce awesome pictures from otherwise ordinary subjects. It probably took them tons of practice to know how to adjust camera settings to use the current lighting, background, or environment to their advantage. Even then, there are no hard and fast rules for each situation.
Similarly, in forex trading, one has to learn to gauge market sentiment, listen to what the charts are saying, and adjust accordingly.
More often than not, it’s also about getting the timing right. That’s why intuition plays a huge role. Not to be confused with taking impulsive trades based on gut feel, forex trading demands a special type of intuition that many refer to as “feeling the market” or “being in the zone.”
I’m talking about that specific point in your forex trading career wherein you have gained enough experience to label market behavior (trending, ranging, breaking out, or consolidating) and know what trading setup you will take to tilt the odds slightly in your favor.

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