Find Right Shaped and Sized Toilet Bowl for Family

Users must consider the important things when purchasing the Toilet Bowl in Singapore. The size and shape plays a significant role not only in the comfort zone but also in:

  • Usable clear floor
  • Availability of the necessary equipment
  • Availability of the parts replacement when need in near future

Why size and shape matters when you pay money and selecting the typical toilet bowl for your bathroom. To avoid the inconvenience is faced when you have a clogged toilet. For which you absolutely need to hire plumber to unclog the toilet as you are dealing with potentially unsanitary condition that is unhygienic for the family. The fact that new toilets use less water when being flushed and therefore possibility of toilet bowl chokes is common problem. Make a smart move by choosing the appropriate and convenient toilet seat.

You can find Compact and Elongated bowl shaped toilet for your bathroom:

Compact includes circular or square shaped.

Elongated includes oval and rectangular shaped ones.

In case of size Length and Width matters. Average width lie between 14 to 14.5 inches. Some may extend up to 16.5 inches. As general compact sized (round or square) tend to have 2 inches shorter in length than elongated (oval or rectangular). When measured from the front edge of toilet bowl to bolts attaching to toilet seat in case of compact sized typically have 16-17 inches. Whereas in case of elongated they have typically 18-19 inches long.

Decide the shape which is best for you as per convenient and comfortable factor? This will definitely vary for individual depending on one’s personal preference, needs and size of bathroom as space how much is available for the seat. Have in mind the considerations before making a purchase in the right direction for the toilet seat. Consider the factors:

Comfort: Adults feel elongated to be more comfortable than the compact sized one as the longer seat supports the thigh and having larger opening making easier to reach down to wipe yourself when you are done with the using the toilet bowl.

Smaller bathroom: Some may not have enough of space left for the seat or having smaller bathroom size for the having compact sized are the best taking up small spaces as they occupy 2 inches less space than the compared to elongated style one. Sometimes in some cases if you have people on wheelchair or walker in your home than every inch counts in the bathroom.

Compromises made many times sad but in this case make it happy: If you prefer elongated but due to less space occupied by compared to compact one so not to get disappointed hybrid of both is available in the market called compact-elongated toilet. Famous brand Hansgrohe in Singapore has this hybrid for its end users and as an elongated and even though occupies small floor space as compact does.

Earlier we have seen as per adults the preferable now children are the important member’s preference also need to be given to them. Children tend to find compact sized one easier as opening in the center is smaller which reduces their chances of slip through inside bowl. For children special combo is available with two toilet seats neatly joined together into one single further add and enhance the safety for young kids.


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