Intelligent Procurement Platform Online To Grow Your Business Rapidly

Cygrus is redefining conventional procurement Cygrus makes it possible to procure anything around the globe much faster and efficient. Have you ever imagined all Vendors and business buyers under one roof? Well, Cygrus is the platform taking you there.

Cygrus can greatly improve efficiency of procurement across all organizations irrespective of whether it is a buyer or seller. Cygrus reduces the burden of searching and tracking emails for every procurement. Organizations benefit from people leaving and avoid losing the procurement data which would be gone with them.


We connect thousands of buyers and sellers at one place making procurement so easy. We strongly believe trusted connection, collaboration and swiftness results in exponential growth of your business.

Register your sellers and buyers and categorise them based on products and brands. Send enquires and quotes to your sellers and buyers within seconds.

Choose from Millions of products catalogued already by sellers.  By using Cygrus, Customers will be able to gain more Vendors, and Vendors will be able to acquire more customers. Cygrus keeps your stock and prices of your products privately only visible for you. Send quotes for all your customised products through Cygrus. Store your previous quotations, retrieve and resend to another customer. Receive enquiries and orders from your customers directly online.

Now you are familiar with our procurement sourcing company….! Enjoy our Service…!

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