ISO 14001 Certification for your Organization

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization.  These International standards help an organization in tackling the challenging problems by providing tools and strategic solutions. ISO certification helps in cutting the cost of production by improving the business process. Through improved quality it helps in increasing the customer satisfaction.

An environmental management system helps an organization in monitoring and controlling the environmental related issues. Other ISO standards are related to different management systems such as ISO 9001 certification for Quality management system, ISO 18001 certification for Health and Safety management system.

ISO 14001 is the international standard that sets out requirements for environmental management system and provides all the tools and guidelines for all kinds of organizations and companies for managing the environmental responsibilities.

ISO 14001 was primarily developed to provide framework for organization for better management and thereby reducing their environmental impacts.

ISO 14001 is similar to ISO 9001 certification focusing on the product is produced rather than the product itself. ISO 14001 provides guidelines for the improvement of Environmental Management Systems.

ISO 14001:2015:

ISO 14001:2015 sets out the factors for getting certified for environmental management system. It provides a framework for an organization to set up environmental management system. ISO 14001:2015 provides assurance to organization, employees as well as stake holders that impact on environment is continuously improved.

Reason that why strategic approach for improving the environment is necessary is:

It helps in increasing the leadership ability of employees and their involvement into the work.

Helps in improving company reputation and building the confidence among stake holders through improved communication.

Helps in achieving business aim by incorporating the environmental issues into business management.

Provides the financial advantages by reducing the production cost and error.

Success with ISO 14001:

Organizations that are ISO 14001 certified have found wide range of success by reducing the energy and water consumption, systematic approach on business process and improved overall performance.

ISO 14001 certification is suitable for organization with all sizes and all kinds like private, nonprofit or governmental. It is required that organization consider environmental issues and it’s relevant operations like sewage issues, water and air pollution, soil contamination.

Like all other ISO standards, ISO 14001 also focuses on continual growth of an organization and its approach for solving environmental issues. It minimizes the operations that negatively affect the environment. ISO 14001 assist the companies to meet its business and environmental goals. All the standards are frequently reviewed to ensure that the organization still meets the requirements.

Continual improvement can be achieved in 3 ways:

Expansion:  With the implementation of EMS in an organization, more number of business areas get covered.

Enrichment: With the implementation of EMS, most of the activities, processes, products, resources etc gets managed.

Upgrading: With improved organizational framework of the EMS, business-environmental issues get sorted.

Want to be ISO certified?

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