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June Event Offers: Grab These Very Amazing Event Offers And Enjoy Tickets At Affordable Prices

Nidhi Rai

December 20, 2018 04:04 PM

With a smartphone in every hand and easy availability of Internet, everyone is online. Specially growing markets like India. This is the age of Internet and it is here to stay. All businesses are seeking the digital path. Are you still unaware of the benefits of online shopping and digitalization? Well, the way people shop is changing rapidly, and online e-commerce stores are making a greater impact on the customers as it is easy and convenient for them.

Now you sure must go to events like concerts, or an art exhibition, anything. If you physically go there to purchase a ticket then this the solution for you. You can book your event tickets online from which offers exclusive discount like 30% off on event booking.

  • Paytm started as an online bill payment and wallet store, now has become a marketplace where you can literally get everything. And event ticket booking is one such thing. Paytm has this ticket booking branch through which you can even book tickets for events depending on the locality you are searching. Paytm is competing with lots of online booking stores, being an all-rounder Paym offers so much.
  • With online event ticket booking, this is the fact that the Internet has established links between the large national and international event companies and the large event managing teams. This combined information is advertised freely on Paytm, making it much easier for individuals to make complete plans for their holidays.


  • If you are a person who love to hangout with family and friends outside then you should definitely check the options of events available at Paytm nearby you. Take you friends on an adventure park or a concert and don’t worry about the prices because Paytm has this wonderful offer going on where you can save upto 50% cashback on event ticket bookings.


  • BookMyShow is the king of ticketing platforms in India. It is not about the approach for its customers, not because the database that they possess of events and tickets but because it’s easy to use . Filtering is very easy as you can browse the tickets w.r.t calendar and genres. Andorid, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows app have been running glitch free and undoubtedly.
  • Here comes another weekend! The much-awaited and deeply desired weekend is finally here. But what do you do? Sleep it away? Not with the things we have lined up for you, you shouldn’t. If you are in Delhi, you can listen to some good music which will definitely give you the chills. You can also learn a few things like Acrylic Painting. Book your event tickets on Bookmyshow and make your weekends happening.


  • These days, people love to spend their empty time going out and exploring places with friends and doing adventurous things. Despite the hike of prices of event tickets remarkably, more and more people are saving by booking online on Bookmyshow as there are offers that you can avail. Like the one where you can get Rs 150 off by paying through Rupay card.


  • TicketGenie has already gained upperhand over all the ticket platforms available in India. launched in 2008, they have succesfully managed to have ticket platforms for Shakira, Beyonce, Bryan Adams, Rolling Stones and sporting events like IPL. They also provide solution for ticket designing, printing and distribution. Ticketgenie has accomplished a milestone of selling maximum events and event tickets ever in the country’s history.
  • Instead of going to a brick-and-mortar travel agency and manually buying your favorite event tickets, or going to a concert hall and buying performance tickets, an individual can simply go online and order them on Ticketgenie to make the whole process of booking tickets hassle free.


  • Thanks to the advent of internet, several people are booking their favorite event tickets online. They can also enjoy promotions and discounts with cheap event vouchers. You can go on a site exposure with your family nowadays, as it is easier to buy the tickets at affordable prices on Ticketgenie which offers upto 50% discount.


  • Kyazoongs shows you important events all over the country without any filter. So the basic thing you can come up with is – if you need to see major events happening in India, Log In to Launched in early 2007, KyaZoonga is India’s first and largest entertainment and sports ticketing company.
  • The best part of looking for event tickets over the web is that you can make selection of various events along with a variety of events happening around you. You can pay with your credit card to buy cheap movie tickets. You can also pay with your internet banking account. Another best thing of booking ticket at Kyazoonga is that you don’t have to stay in queue and wait for your chance to buy tickets on the window.


  • People who know proper use of technology and aware of the information can enjoy the benefits of online booking and choose the event and event times they want. For event ticket booking, internet is the best source for fun loving people. You can get different promotions and offers on Kyazoonga. Such as this one which gives away waterpark tickets starting at just Rs 399.



  • BookMyEvent is an allrounder for ticketing platforms in India. Usually other ticketing platforms are expertise in either movies, or events or any single domain, but BookMyEvent counts in for Movies, Concerts, Play, Theater, Events, Musical nights, Shows, Registration for Education Events, Sports – name anything that it does not have. You have a dropdown choice in the website and you can go further for filtering the tickets.
  • One of the advantages individuals get from online event booking is the amount of options available to them on the websites. From booking an art exhibition to a concert online, these individuals have instantaneous access to a comprehensively detailed list of all kind of events going on nearby them through Bookmyevent.


  • There are some great Bookmyevent offers like 20% discount on Mystrey Room that you can use, that will allow you to save yourself some extra cash. You can not only pick the exact event that you want to go to, but also what time fits your schedule the best. You don’t have to go and wait in line and hope that you get the ticket that you want, but you can book them well in advance online through Bookmyevent and can save yourself the deal.



The entire method of booking tickets for events online is simple and easier than booking in the queue. You can access any site from the above mentioned stores and book the ticket of your favorite event on your desired time and place.  You have large range of options to choose from while booking event tickets online. There are several effective ways of buying tickets online. But above mentioned platforms are the best source to get cheap online deals.