TA101- Two Day Experiential Workshop

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Experiential WorkshopTransactional Analysis is a powerful psychological theory developed as the model for understanding the relationships, human behavior, and communication. Originally developed in the 1950s by famous psychiatrist, this theory is a best way for the practitioners and other people opening the new outlook to understand own behavior and others. This theory of human interaction and personality is also a method of organizational analysis, psychotherapy, counseling, and educational consultation. This theory is gaining the lots of popularity among the people to improve the communicational and behavioral pattern and bring about the necessary improvements while going through life changes.

Today numbers of people across the world are attending the Transactional Analysis Training to facilitate the personal as well as professional changes and developments. Analyst practitioners seeking a career in this field and other professionals who wants to develop the expertise in current career or build the career from current hobby find the training helpful. Certified trainers encourage participants to understand the key concepts, promote the self-awareness, develop professional skills, social transactions, maintain their interest, and ensure the growth.

Those people interested in further developing their skills and expertise in applying transactional analysis in the specialized areas of education, psychotherapy, organizational consultancy or counseling may engage in a TA101 two day experiential workshop. This course is the complete introduction to transactional analysis covering all the basic concepts of TA and usually provided as combination of practical exercise, discussions, and presentation of theoretical concepts. It offers the comprehensive new viewpoint for understanding or learning the human behavior. During course, participants will be able to learn different types of transactions, how to use contracting, difference between one-up and one-down existential positions, philosophical assumptions of transaction analysis, and more.

Course content of TA 101 two day experiential workshop

• Transactions: Analysis of social transactions and rules of communication such as how to communicate easily and politely, when transaction stops suddenly, and best ways to bring it back on right track.

• Life positions: These are the psychological senses about self and other’s life. It helps in analyzing the person’s perceptions and behavior.

• Strokes: It is a part of recognition and attachment. These are of different types namely conditional or unconditional, verbal or non-verbal, positive or negative.

• Game theory: Describes how and why a person plays games and how to change the negative life patterns.

• Time structure: Describes the effective way to manage and structure the time.

• Script: A human life script or story is written in childhood and changes out repeatedly in the growing position depending on the message and experience a child learns with life from childhood to death.

• Ego states: It is a regular pattern of values, attitude, feelings, and behaviors incorporated into one’s personality from parents and considerable parental figures. Parent, adult, and child are main three ego states come in human life.

• Autonomy: It is a process of being self-awareness and others giving the natural response in order to maintain true relationship.

• Passivity and discounting: Discounting is an internal way that makes people ignores important aspects of themselves or others. TA101 helps how a person makes others fit their reference frame and not solving difficulties.

Anyone who want to understand themselves and others, interested in communication, group dynamics, child development or TA find this course very useful.