Want To Boost Your Performance? Steroids are Great Way to Enhance It

What are Steroids?

Steroids are the synthetic hormones designed to treat medical ailments. One can use steroids for treating diseases like Anemia legally, but it is being also used by body builders and athletes for improving their performance. They are available in two varieties: Anabolic Steroids and Corticosteroids.

Anabolic steroids behave like male sex hormones and are often prescribed by doctors to treat problems like muscle loss and late puberty in Cancer and AIDS patients. Corticosteroids are often used to treat autoimmune disease and allergic reactions.

Benefits of Steroids for Athletes

Some of the possible benefits of using steroids are as follows

Increase in Muscular strength

It has been proved anecdotally and scientifically, that the use of steroids increases muscular strength. The Enanthate testosterone increases cycling performance and presses strength.  Researchers have shown that such effects can be obtained within 6 to 12 weeks of treatment, while some other researchers have shown that effects are indicated within 3 weeks.

Increase in body strength

Various researches have also supported that using steroids increases body size. Testosterone extremely increases bicep girth, body weight, quadriceps circumference along with abdomen “tightness”.

Increase in Healing Rate

The recent steroid scandals of some professional athletes provide adequate reference for the use of these performance- enhancing drugs in order to recover more quickly.

Increase Sexual Performance

VigRX Plus tablet is the pill which can be helpful in increasing the sex drive. Vigrx Plus tablet increase the blood circulation in your private parts and helpful in erection.

Red blood cells productions

Steroids have proven to be the accelerator for red blood cell production. Red blood cells concentration is dependent on oxygen carrying capacity of the body, as a result of which blood flow of the body improves.

Performance and training effects

Steroids are generally used to improve the performance and benefits of training. Although steroids for fitness have various training benefits, but they often lead to risk of muscle tear, tendon injuries along with increased risk of muscle cramps during athletic performance.

Some commonly used Steroids


It is a natural steroid that decreases with age often causing testosterone deficiency. Increased rate of libido, energy or mood are generally the effects of testosterone replacement therapy.


It is a naturally produced steroid that is often sold under trade names like Durbolin and Deca-Durabolin.It increases muscle mass with larger doses causing greater growth.


The drug which is often retailed under the name Anavar is often used illegally by bodybuilders to create greater muscular definition, along with increase in body weight, muscle strength and bone mineral content.

Increased Steroids Aftermaths

It would be irresponsible to describe the benefits associated with the steroids without mentioning the aftermaths associated with it. Some of the potential aftermaths of steroid abuse are high blood pressure, kidney tumor, liver tumor, severe acne reduce sperm count, breast development, etc.


Those who are willing to try steroids need to keep few things in mind before consuming it. You need to do particular research and get doctor’s advice. Discuss the side effects that you may face in the long run and after you have overcome all the pros and cons, you need to take your final decision

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