Why Whatsapp is so popular ?

We have many similar apps provide Instant Message Service, such as Line, Viber, Skype, MSN, iMessage etc. And I totally agree all that it depends on what other users have and what is mostly  available on their devices. But I still can’t find the root cause of most popular for Whatsapp .

WhatsApp is a texting service between mobile phones use as a replacement for the regular SMS text messages and calling facilities . Whatsapp uses an internet connection between phones . The service is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia Symbian60-phones .whatsapp-encryption-explained

What has almost killed SMS

So youngsters, even as young as those in their 50s, are very much into texting. When WhatsApp came around, people were complaining all about the price list of SMS and all services . SMS is much expensive, limited, and very limited indeed. WhatsApp came to solve this. You could send messages without counting any limited words, without being deprived of multimedia related content, and without being restriction all the number of contacts that for free; while in  parts of the world, one SMS could cost as much as a dollar! Now, things have changed. Last time I checked, which was to much quite some time back, but I had more than 3000 free SMS from my service provider, those messages which will most probably not going to use . The amount of money this represents this is mostly relatively huge – all given away in a data plan bundle . This gives you an idea of what the once so expensive SMS has been reduced to, and this thanks to stuff like WhatsApp.

Getting everyone on board – too many platforms

Soon after the launch of, WhatsApp has successfully managed to get an app to all users of all popular platforms, ranging from Android and iOS to Nokia phones, the latter being the most common phone in all types of developing countries back now and then. So it has been able to  gather most of the people around every corner of the globe where ever you live. It could even work in very old phones.

Whatsapp comes with some new upgraded Features

WhatsApp’s features are not new to anymore to anyone, and even they can be compared negatively with those of other apps, but when WhatsApp launched in 2009, these features were new and pleased the new generation and variations of  texters. Along with the features that made people happy are the group chat and the ability to send pictures and other multimedia elements along with messages. Now, new features are contributing to its success even more, like the free calling feature.

WhatsApp is for mobile

You could carry WhatsApp in your pocket or bag, which was hardly possible with the others, but more importantly, everyone happy because WhatsApp was made only for mobile devices and not for computers programs .So it had the right advantage of not having to adapt to the mobile environment, like its competitors which were known as PC natives . Moreover, as it mentioned above, it could be run on so many platforms. This has come at a time which knew a boom in smartphone adoption and an unprecedented shift from the computer to the smartphone and the tablet PC and all . This also came in a context where the frequency of  2G and 3G data were getting more and more accessible and cheaper in many other places.

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