The 6 Most Affordable Ways to Get Your Home Sold ASAP

Whether your home has been on the market for 2 days or what seems like forever you should be trying to put the best version of your house forward. There are plenty of articles online with ways to prep your home for selling so this one specifically has ideas that don’t break the bank and give back way more value than they cost. Most of these will not surprise you like exterior painting. However like one Ottawa Professional Painter notes, the prep to painting can mean “the difference between an OK job & a spectacular one”.  For a finished product that potential buyers will love, prep your house carefully and don’t cut corners.

Paint the Trim : 

If you don’t have the time, energy or money to paint whole rooms in your house, painting just the edges will create sharp clean lines to frame everything. Painting doors is also a great way to lighten the space without having to spend a tone of money or move around your furniture.

Mow the Front Lawn : 

Not just mow the front lawn, but get rid of any yellow patches if you have time. Clear out any clutter like children’s toys on your front lawn as well.This shouldn’t cost you any money unless you have dead patches of grass but even then, no more than $30.The view buyers see when they first walk up to your house makes a huge impact, even if the inside is perfect it’s hard to make a second impression.

Clean the Clutter Inside : 

This one is a no brainer. Even if you are living in the home you are trying to sell, make sure you don’t have any dirty dishes in your sink. Nothing puts off potential buyers quite like not being able to see the countertops you are trying to get them to buy, or the shine of your floors. It just doesn’t make sense.

Make Your home as Impersonal as Possible : 

You may think your coin collection is the bomb, but guaranteed that buyers don’t care. More than that, having out collections of things increases the clutter factor, which you know is bad. You also want to make your home as blank a slate as possible so that viewers can easily picture themselves living there.

Stage : 

No you don’t need to hire a professional stager, yes they do exist, for thousands of dollars. Staging your home simply means highlighting its best features. Maybe that’s getting some warm lighting or a bowl of fruit for the kitchen counter. Your real estate agent should be able to tell you the basics.

Use Air Freshener : 

Your potential buyers wont know the difference between the smell of the curry you made last night and some funky mold happening in the carpets. So either don’t make anything that has a lingering smell the night before, or just spritz your home with air freshener before viewings.  Another helpful hint is baking, people tend to get a warm fuzzy feeling when they smell fresh cinnamon rolls or apple pie!

All of these sale prep ideas are under $100 and are good dependable ideas to help your home sell faster.