6 Must-Ask Questions To Your Agent

affordable condo in MandaluyongNo one can underestimate the value of hiring a real estate agent. Generally, realtors have the potential to save you time and money in the process since they are capable and knowledgeable to do such. However, if you are a first-time home buyer, you might be hesitant in trusting them. Well, it is a human instinct not to trust anyone especially when it involves money. But heck! We need a professional agent to guide and help us with the process.

Whether you are investing in an affordable condo in Mandaluyong or a house or lot for sale in Bulacan, the transaction would likely to be more successful when you commission the help of a realtor. Nobody wants to fail in this aspect, and for sure, so are you. But, would you hire just any real estate agent out there? Probably not! For you not to be scammed, you need to ask some questions to determine if there are trustworthy enough to do the transaction with you.

1) How long have you been a realtor?

Asking this question will give you an idea of his relevant experience. Definitely, the longer, the better. It means the realtor had already acquired a good sense of the market. It also demonstrates the dedication of the person to the profession. But, you also have to be careful, not all, regardless of the extent of their experience, are good enough to do their job professionally.

2) What is your experience with the real estate market in my area?

Basically, each location requires a unique approach to marketing. Listing policies, for instance, vary from one place to another. Some neighborhoods sell faster than the other. An ideal scenario is having an agent that has a proven track record of buying and selling properties in your area. Look for raw data, however, because statistics can be manipulated.

3) How will you sell my home/buy the property for me?

This is one of the crucial questions you need to ask the agent. As a client, you need to know the tactics and strategies that the realtor will implement to get your property off the market, for instance. Surely, the agent will cite examples or previous experiences in marketing a particularly property as soon as he handled it. In this way also, you may gauge the effectiveness of such methods.

4) How long will you able to sell my home or find a condo for me?

Most clients want to know whether their agent can make the transaction done at the given time or not. They want estimates, not guesses. Yes, there might be some delays in the process due to specific uncontrollable factors such as currency exchanges, for instance. But, there are no flaws so great for a realtor that these are unaddressable. A good realtor can determine the unforeseen flaws immediately and deal with it in a proactive manner.

5) Will you accompany me to view properties and be present when prospective buyers visit my home?

One of the main duties of a realtor is to assist the client in any way possible. From the paper works to home inspections, a realtor must accommodate the needs of the client to the best of his capabilities and until the transaction becomes a success. Understandably, a realtor may be handling several listings. Since you are also a client, he should make time for you. It’s a measure of professionalism, too.

6) How many clients are you representing now?

Speaking of how busy a real estate agent may get, you might as well ask him about the exact number of clients he is currently working with. However, this doesn’t mean enlisting the help of a realtor who is not so busy. An agent with few clients may have more time to devote to your buying or selling needs. A busy agent is busy for good reasons. It’s the wisdom of the crowd, so go for the latter.

Let’s think about it this way. Finding a property is like finding your true love. You need to make sure that you, as the client, and the realtor would have a better and mutual understanding on the process. If you think it won’t work out in the first place, find another realtor that would match your standards and preferences. But when both of you are on the same page, investing in a property would be a lot easier and faster.

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