These days life is very hectic. People frequently plan to travel or go on more trips during the summer months. The mind is always on clothes while going out. Everyone wants to wear stylish and comfortable clothes while making memories. One of the requisites of travelling is wrinkle-free garments. The summer fabrics that serve this sole purpose are:


  1. Lyocell: Created the buzz in the fashion world as it is one of the sustainable fabrics with a soft texture and utmost comfort. Wood cellulose is used as the primary constituent and synthetic substances are introduced to make it, much like viscose or rayon. The fabric is very soothing and breathable. It also has moisture-wicking properties. This makes it your top choice while travelling. It has tensile strength and is gentle on skin with a soft, silky texture. Activewear or jeans made of this material are wrinkle-free. Even brands like H&M have started manufacturing clothes made from lyocell. It is a win-win situation for travellers as they branded and bio-based garments together.
  2. Polyester: Being a synthetic fibre, it still travels friendly because garments made of better quality are inexpensive, soft and wrinkle-resistant. One can buy any type of clothing they like, be it a shirt, blouse, top, scarf, skirt, maxi dresses, kurtas and so much more. Although it is moisture resistant, it can still be worn for a day or two as it looks more stylish and lightweight. It dries quickly and takes less space in your suitcase.
  1. Spandex: It is commonly found in gym gear and denim, but it tends to prevent wrinkles when worn in combination with other fabrics. The layman also calls it lycra or elastane. The material is very lightweight and highly durable. One will find the market flooded with spandex garments. The bottom wear is extremely comfortable as it has absorption properties and it dries very quickly, so it can be one of your choices for making your bag a little lighter.
  1. Denim: The common staple for any trip whether it’s summer or a mountain range with a little chilly weather. The soft and comfortable fabric is very easy to maintain. There is no need for you to wash it daily and it looks stylish also. Your bottom wear can be taken care of for the trip as two pairs are enough for the whole trip. These days even denim shirts are in trend which looks accentuating and ravishing. To top it all, it is wrinkle-free and there is no need for ironing regularly. You can find so many colours such as blue, black, grey, and white. Even colourful jeans are also available presently.
  1. Jersey: It is a mundane fabric found in every niche and corner of the market. Wool jersey fabrics were once the most common, but these days cotton and synthetic jersey fabrics are more popular. It is lightweight and skin-friendly material. One will find undergarments, T-shirts, and sporty wear made of jersey fabric. The wrinkle-free fabric surely has a place in your suitcase for the next trip. The cool and comfortable to wear with quirky prints surely helps make happy memories.
  2. Chambray: This type of fabric is both fine and dense, and it is similar to denim in many ways. However, a different weaving pattern is used to make chambray resulting in significantly lighter and more breathable than denim. A similar blue colour to denim is often dyed into pants, shorts, light jackets, and fabric-topped shoes. Chambray is very less prone to wrinkles with a high absorption rate. Also, it is easy to maintain and quick drying fabric making it suitable for your next trip. Look sophisticated and stylish with garments made from chambray.

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