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Self Doubt

Self DoubtFeeling upset or stressed is a natural part of human life. But if the wrong things are coming frequently and start interfering in your personal and professional life, it takes the form of depression which kills happiness, motivation, energy, and desires. In this article, you will find some tips that make depression treatable condition for you.

Try to keep the level low

When you are unhappy, you are not doing well at your common 70 to 85%. Relatively, you are remaining nearer to around 20 percent. In case you put the same hopes for yourself that you had when you were not feeling miserable, you will feel anxious and overwhelmed and most likely would not perform the work you expected from yourself.


If you are feeling depressed or over stressed at the thought of the heavy workload you have or mid-life complications, psychoeducation is the good idea. This theory helps in identifying the main fact that is making you highly sad or disheartened. By determining the main root of your problem, you would come out with the ideal way that provides the optimum solution without making the situation worst.


Self-criticism is the best friend of misery and sadness. Keep yourself more active and energized to maintain the self-motivation by using the same encouraging terms you use for other people.

Ask for counselor’s help

Some of the people have difficulty holding themselves accountable at the good of times. The support of someone and more motivation makes it easier. Individual Counseling Services focuses on identifying how the depression symptoms affect the person’s interpersonal and personal relationship. By expressing the feelings or emotions and sharing the issues with a knowledgeable person in a safe and confidential environment, an individual realizes that they are not in this situation alone.

Furthermore, they also consider that the situation is no more depressing as they consider and can be resolved by keeping some self-confidence.

Imagine what you will experience after the particular task

Depressing people usually have low self-confidence to do some specific job. Even most of the time, they avoid to perform that task. Don’t think what will happen during that work but imagine how you will feel after the successful completion of the activity.

Make necessary lifestyle changes

Changes with time are necessary to move on effectively with ever-changing world. Sleep well, keep healthy diet, maintain good supportive network, and keep yourself busy in encouraging things that makes you feel happier and motivating, change the negative thinking and communicational patterns, and take the positive approach no matter what the situation is.

Consider the activity as a goal you must achieve

It is obvious that whenever a person feels depressed, they lose interest in things that makes them delightful even starts moving away from that. Sadness, anxiety, anger, and misery all these emotions take a person away from the contact of social community, organization, or friend circle making them feel completely isolated. Thus, while doing any work, consider it as the goal you need to accomplish by putting your all efforts, not just an enjoyable activity.     

Recognizing the main cause and signs of depression and taking the positive action minimize its impact. So, if you are dealing with depressing situation, talk with your counselor today.

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