7 Top Reasons to Choose Butterstone River Valley Homestay Over Hotels

River Valley Homestay

Sakleshpur is a beautiful hill station in the Western Ghats filled with lots of attractive charms of nature. This is the enchanting place dotted with tropical and lush green forests, acres of coffee plantations, eye-catching waterfalls, amazing view of Western Ghats, and attention-grabbing hills. In fact, it is a paradise on the earth that lures thousands of tourists with its never-ending fascinating beauty. It offers so many activities to enjoy and sightseeing to discover. Whether you are coming with family, friends, life partners or corporate group, this charismatic place has something for everyone.

Visitors coming Sakleshpur can easily find the premium accommodation as they are offered with multiple choices such as hotels, homestay, holiday home, etc. But most of the people prefer booking top homestay like Butterstone River Valley  rather than hotel or others. Wants to know why they go with it and not any other accommodation option, read on this article to find out some of the top reasons that make homestay better than hotels.

  1. A home away from home

Home is the best word that brings a pleasurable sense of warmth and sentiment of belongingness in heart. In a homestay, guests get the feel as if they are living in their own home with no restrictions in moving here and there.

  1. Enjoy the scrumptious local flavor

The good thing that all visitors love is that they are served with the food that generally local populace eats on everyday life. If you want to enjoy the local flavor of Sakleshpur then book homestay instead of a hotel.

  1. Explore the local sightseeing

While residing in the homestay, guests are also provided with the facility of local sightseeing visit. They are offered a visit to popular local major tourist attractions.

  1. More privacy, comfort, and tranquility

Unlike hotels, homestay atmosphere is more peaceful, cool, and interesting to have a good quality of time with loved ones. Staying in the homestay away from the reach of hectic and boring city life means more fun and peaceful time you spent with family and friends.

  1. Reasonably priced

The biggest reason to choose homestay over the hotel is of course the booking price. The more spacious, well-equipped, and soothing accommodation is provided only at the affordable cost with so many activities to partake and sightseeing to visit to make the vacationers enjoy the overall holiday experience.

  1. Come closer to local life and culture

Vacationers can sit and talk with the staff to get the useful information and knowledge on variety of things such as their local culture, festivals, tradition, and more. They witness how the local citizens live and enjoy their everyday life, what they dress, how they communicate, and lots more.

  1. Get hold of unforgettable memories

Guests are provided the home-like experience and treated just like a family member. While staying in a home-stay, they get more opportunities to participate in the local ceremonies getting the more beautiful memories.

Hope now you would fully understand why people love to reside in homestay not in hotels. If you have any kind of doubt, read Butterstone River Valley Review. It helps you to examine the satisfaction level of tourists who enjoys the awesome experience while residing in homestay.