7 Types Of Boobs And Bras Best For Them! – Which One’s Yours?!

Types of Boobs

Weather you believe it or not but there are other more ways to describe your boobs than just “big” or “small”. Amazed!! Yes it’s true that we have different types of boobs and so we need different bra with perfect fit to give them complete support and comfort. According to bra company ThirdLove women have seven different types of boobs in the world.

No matter how big,small, perky or saggy they are,they deserve best class treatment because breasts are amazing. Depending upon your breasts shape, there is one bra that probably works best for you than others. If you are confused what kind of boobs you have and which bra knocks you best, we are here to help you. We brings to you a list of breasts shape and bra styles for each of them.

Slender : As the name itself suggest, they are skinny with less breast tissue narrower at the top and nipples pointing towards downwards. Generally they have smaller cup sizes. Push up style bra with some extra padding will definitely help with the size giving you appropriate lift.

Push Up Bra

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East-West : If your breast can not stay in centre and sway sideways in opposite directions with nipples pointing outwards then you have what we say is “East-West” breasts. In this case T-Shirt bra with front closure will be your good friends maintaining the shape of your breasts.Types of Boobs

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Round: Yes, ladies you are the luckiest one if you have round shape breasts. They are equally full at top and bottom making them naturally shapely. If you have round shaped boobs, then you don’t need to invest a lot in padded or any other shaping bra, seems like nature has already done that for you. Just pick up the prettiest bra of your choice showing off perky shape according to the size.

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Asymmetrical: Maybe this sound bit strange but asymmetrical boobs are very common among women. One breast is bigger than the other. Buy bra with removable padding and that will do wonders for you.Full Coverage Bra

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Bell-Shaped : These are slimmer at top and fuller at the bottom.Don’t get yourself confused with slender boobs as they as much bigger than slender ones. They tend to sag so push up bra with thick straps will work for you as they will help smooth the twins and maintaining the shape of your breasts.

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Tear Drop: Again, they are rounded but slightly less full on top. With softer slope they give flawless cleavage point, perfect with plunge style. You hit a jackpot ladies if you have teardrop breast. Any bra with or without push up material will work for you.Underwire Bra

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 Athletic : Athletic boobs are wider and muscular with less breast tissues. Most fit chicks often rock with these flat breast. If you have wider breasts, wireless bra is best option for you. It will provide complete support and comfort. Be proud of it ladies! And rock with your athletic breasts flawlessly!

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 You might need to take a long look in front of mirror to clear your confusion. So, take a sneak peek to check out your shape of boobs and find the sexiest style and right bra for your shape.