9 Best Places For Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Bungee JumpingBungee jumping is one of sport activity also known as “Breath taking activity” which involves adventure, thrill and most important a new experience of touching ground and reaching at the top in fraction of time. If I am not wrong mostly “every single person wants to try this” Are you?? So make a quick decision with your friends or family and select a beautiful place where you want to enjoy!!! And believe me a new experience will be added in your daily life chapter.

I am sure this post on Bungee jumping locations will make you more excited and curious. And if you have started your “packing than please make sure all the safety items and precautions are with you”. So select your place and make your dear ones ready surely they will be thankful to you after this trip?? Wait!! There is more information for you who will help you in this trip if you have searched there are number of places for adventure trips and you must feel yourself confused?? So here I have listed some wonderful places for bungee jumping you must visit.


So hold your breath and imagine your trip after this post. Places where you can move on for adventure trip.

  1. VICTORIA FALLS BRIDGE: If you have searched about this place than you are totally aware what I want to say?? One thing that we all are aware about this water fall is “it is the largest water fall” and this will excite you more 420 feet tall over the ZAMBEZI River below. For you one important note it connects the two countries e. ZAMBIA and ZIMBABWE. People also locate it as one of the amazing “spraying fall”. Water below the bridge and your jump over it such a excited one.


  1. MACAU TOWER: This will be totally different from the one that we have discussed above??? Here I am with your answer while jumping from a tower or building is another feeling you go straight downward when you jump from the height which is of 764 feet tall and here is one more advantage for you “the tower is designed in such a way that the skyscraper can provide you restaurant, theater and shops” it’s like total holiday package for your family.


  1. Bungee Jump at Arkansas River, USA: Has counted as the world’s highest bridge from 1929 to2001. Want to be the part of this place by making you presence in beautiful country. By associating this place with Bungee jumping makes it more stunning. Over the ROYAL GEORGE ROUTE railway it makes it look different. Also counted as the best destination place for Bungee jumping. This can also make your feeling more powerful for Bungee jumping.


  1. THE LAST RESORT, NEPAL: The Bhote Khosi River begins from Tibet if you are INDIAN than you can experience something which makes you feel good by knowing this “this river cuts through HIMALYAS and winds up in INDIA” isn’t interesting fact?? Now the height is 525 feet above from river. If you are wondering about the name??? Than more interesting is there is a “luxurious resort” with all facilities. Here you can feel the valley site jumping view. So can try for this also.


  1. Verzasca Dam, Val Verzasca, Switzerland: Most famous place for Bungee jumping “I hope you have heard about”. Guess the height??? Its 721 feet interesting isn’t.

6.   Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa: Most amazing fact is that it is single span arc bridge you must want to know its height??  It is 710 feet. It’s very important note “please go through the instruction and guidance of a trainer”. Technology is used in this jumping is “Pendulum Bungee jumping”.

7.   The Pipeline Bungy, New Zealand: Name is sufficient for its description. As you will “take a deep breath on single and the longest suspension bridge” height is 320 feet. But the different thing is its long bridge and which is single too.

8.   Corinth Canal, Greece: One of the ideal destinations you can say with 260 feet height where you can have a safe jump not so much risky and adventurous too. Count as regular weekend spot for Bungee jumping.

9.    Ponte Colossus, Italy: Height is 500 feet which is quite safe and this can make you feel better without any fear here you can take a vertical fall.