The Advantages of Knowing CPR

CPR is a life-saving technique that can save the life of an individual who went into cardiac arrest. It can preserve the life of a person until medical professionals arrive with advanced medical assistance. Performing CPR increases the chance for the survival of a person suffering from non-traumatic cardiac arrest. Therefore, it is essential to know what to do when an individual needs help in case of such an emergency situation. When you provide CPR to a person, it helps to maintain proper blood flow to the brain and heart.

Today, cardiac arrest is common in people of all categories regardless of their age, sex, height and weight. Therefore, it is essential for everyone to know how to perform CPR properly. Many organizations provide CPR training classes as a part of CNA training in Philadelphia. CPR and First Aid training classes are also important for students who are aspiring to become CNAs or participate in any other medical care fields. Here are some of the major advantages of knowing CPR:

It Save Lives

The most significant benefit of knowing CPR is that it enables you to save the lives of your loved ones and the public. Nowadays, cardiac arrest or a heart attack is the leading cause of death in all people especially in the age group between 35 to 65. If you are a trained CPR professional, you can act immediately. A quick response is needed to save the life of an individual who has stopped breathing as a result of cardiac arrest. Immediate action is essential as irreversible brain damage will begin minutes after an individual stops breathing.


CPR training classes and certification may empower you to perform CPR with great confidence. When you receive quality training in CPR, you can fearlessly take sudden actions at home, in the workplace, as well as in the public area. CPR certification also makes people more responsible for saving the lives of others without incentive.

Better Job Opportunities

If you have CPR certification as an additional degree and exceptional practical knowledge of performing CPR, better job opportunities in the medical care industry are awaiting for you. CPR certification provides you with an edge over your competitors when you are applying for jobs in the medical science or nursing field. In fact, all companies can benefit from employees who have practical knowledge of CPR.


CPR certification not only gives you the confidence to perform CPR, but it also helps you gain respect. If you are an experienced person in providing CPR, people are likely to trust you and accept you as a dependable and responsible person. It may encourage them to also get certified in CPR.

If you want to help your community in a different way, you would be able to provide essential medical aid to people who suffer from unexpected health conditions such as cardiac arrest, choking, drowning and so on. Therefore, becoming a CPR certified person gives you peace of mind knowing you possess the skills to help save lives.

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