Android Applications : A New bliss to Smartphones

Android Applications : A New bliss to Smartphones

Mobile application is the software platform which is ruling the mobile phones like devices or smartphones. Previously mobile apps workon the principle of some hardware specification or browser configuration mainly Java Script.But recently due to the flourish of Android OS the mobile has become smarter by transforming into a smartphone with various modern android applications.

Android application development nowadays has become quite indispensable for every type of business due to the use of mobile phones has risen up significantly.Google’s Android is one of the most popular and fastest growing mobile app platforms and for this a huge demand for Android application development services.Android Applications : A New bliss to Smartphones

An Android application services areactually an application component that usually performsany long-running operations in the background and do not offer a user interface. Another feature of application component is that it can start any service that continues to run in the background even if the user switches to different other application. In addition, a component can attach to a service in order to interact with it and also to perform inter process communication.

A service is usually differentiated into two forms:

  • Started

A service is started when any application component or activity starts it only by calling and once started, it will run in indefinitely, even if the component gets destroyed. Generally, a started service carries out a single operation and there is no need to return any result to the caller. When the operation is completed, the service should stop by itself.

  • Bound

A service is bound when any application component attaches to it only by calling and offers a client-server interface that usually allows components to interact with the service, send requests, receives results through processes with interprocess communication. A bound service runs simplyon condition that another application component is bound to it. Multiple components can fix to the service at once, but if all are unbound, the service is destroyed.

Various Android App Services includes the following.

  • City guide/Compass-based App Development
  • Enterprise Application Development Services
  • Real Time GPS-based App Development
  • Online book store Applications services
  • Barcode Scanner based App Services
  • In App Purchase, Push Notifications
  • Augmented Reality App Services
  • Location Based Application Development
  • Pharma Application Development
  • Banking App Development
  • Video or Audio Streaming App Development
  • Calendar Based App Development
  • Music App Development
  • Social Networking

Android application developers have been actively involved in the development various services of Android application since the discovery of the Android-based smartphones or tablets. Many of the application services arebased on the Android Software Development Kit, Wi-Fi APIs, Android Media APIs, OpenGL, Location-based Services APIs, 3D graphics, Android Security Architecture and other technologies and even these application services are widely used and also top-rated.

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