How To Backup Using RSYNC in Linux Server

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RSYNC in Linux Server

Window XP, Window 7, Unix and Linux is an operating system. Now, we define how to backup in cloud storage and transferring.

RsYnc is a process which keeps the copies of a file on two computers. Basically, it’s found on Unix system as both a file synchronization or transfer program. It’s algorithm based on delta encoding and is basically used to minimize network usage. Zlib can be used for further compression and SSH/stunnel also used for data security.

Typically, RsYnc is used to synchronization files and directories between two systems. i.e. If you are entered the command of rysnc local-file user@remote-host :remote-file run, it will use SSH to connect as a user to remote-host. once it connected, rsync will invoke the remote host’s and two programs will determine what parts of the file need to be transferred over the connection.


RSYNC Command is used in a Shell to move files/folders from server to server over the internet. The RSYNC Command can come in useful when the need of back up to a Cloud Storage Device from your server or even want transferring to a new server.

Step1 – Login into a server as ROOT user via SSH.

Step2 – Backup from the Local server to Remote server.Run below command.

[root@jitendra ~]# rsync -azh  jitendra/ -e ‘ssh -p 2222’ root@


jitendra/ = local directory which wants to backup.

root@ = username@RemoteserverIP:directory name in which want to store backup.

Step3 – Bakup from Remote server to Local server.Run below command.

[root@jitendra ~]# rsync -avzhe ‘ssh -p 2222’ root@  /root/backup/


root@ = username@RemoteserverIP:Remote:Directory name.

/root/backup/ = local directory in which bakup stored.

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