Beekeeping Products For Treatment

All products produced by bees, even in ancient times, were successfully used in medicine. In Western Europe, China and India, the application of beekeeping products has reached its peak. For example, bee venom in China was used as a remedy for poisons poisoning, with joint diseases and for rejuvenating the body. In addition, in India, an elixir of youth based on it, was made, the exact recipe of which was kept strictly confidential. Today, the fact that among the long-livers – up to 80% are beekeepers and members of their families, remains indisputable.

          Considerable experience in the application of bee products has been accumulated during centuries, but many features of their action on the body are still being studied.

          Honey. In one of the Egyptian pyramids, in a carefully sealed vessel with honey, the body of a baby, which survived for many centuries was discovered. Even in antiquity people knew about the balsamic properties of this product and its ability to heal wounds.

          Studies have established that honey is sterile, and it can be used to preserve various foods. In addition, antibiotic properties and the ability of honey to stop the growth of bacterial flora (Escherichia coli, dysentery, as well as staphylococcus and streptococcus) have been found.

          Honey should be in every family – its nutritional value is indisputable. It contains vitamins: B2, B6, and folic acid.

          Royal jelly of bees is a highly nutritious vitamin product that can be used to treat various diseases that result from weakening of the body and metabolic disorders, to accelerate growth and development processes, to increase sexual activity and fertility, and to combat old age.

          It also has a tonic effect, increases metabolism, improves digestion, hematopoiesis, the activity of the heart and many glands. Thanks to this, people who are weakened from illness or old age, recover strength, increase immunity.

          Bee venom is the most effective among bee products. It is a powerful catalyst of physiological processes, removing primarily the cause of the disease, and then – alleviating or eradicating its symptoms.

          Our body, as doctors say, is a self-regulating system. For example, if the pressure rises, the body releases a substance that stabilizes it.

With inflammation of the joints, many and various reserves of the human body are immediately included, which exhibit anti-inflammatory, localizing, antitoxic, anti-infective action, etc. When a trauma occurs, a protective function is mobilized, which is aimed at healing. Therefore, if there is a “breakage” in some system of the body, too often you have to seek help from the chemical pharmaceuticals. The dose of their consumption is constantly increasing, and this affects your own defense system.

          However, there is still a way out. It has long been proven that the cause of the disease can slowly and confidently be destroyed by bee venom, which has a complex chemical composition: protein substances (including enzymes), lipids, biogenic amines (among them – noradrenaline), acetylcholine, sugars, hydrochloric, nucleic acids and others. This powerful substance acts on the smallest nerve endings located in the skin. Hence, irritation is transferred to the central nervous system, and thus, blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated.

Bee venom is not a panacea, but it has a fantastic effect in many cases requiring cardinal medical care. Bee weapons normalize pressure and enzymatic processes in the body; stimulate the activity of the heart muscle and the rate of coronary circulation; reduce cholesterol and reduce the level of ESR; dilate the vessels of the brain and positively affect the hematopoietic organs; prevent the gluing of erythrocytes, and therefore, prevent thrombosis of blood vessels.

          Unresponsive to modern chemo pharmaceutical treatments, many serious illnesses recede before bee weapons. For example, with thrombophlebitis, it strengthens the vascular wall and reduces the expansion of veins in diameter. Already in the second procedure of honeybeeing, patients do not believe their eyes: on the treated legs, the veins that previously protrude outward are not visible. In addition, what remarkable results in the treatment of diseases of the spine and joints! Influencing all links of the pathogenesis of the disease (poison removes inflammation, controls the formation and secretion of synovial fluid articular bag, anesthetizes, improves microcirculation of the joint tissue, removes puffiness, normalizes the mobility of the joints), the progression of the process is prevented and recovery occurs.

During the first three days, a trial treatment is carried out with the use of safeguards (royal jelly). Then throughout the course of treatment, patients receive infusions of herbs and specially prepared forms of medicines on essential oils. However, oils, as is known, also have an antiallergic effect. The complex of procedures activates the antitoxic function of the liver, providing not only anti-allergenic support, but also cleansing it of slagging. Thus, in order to get rid of one boring disease, the patient actually heals the entire body.

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