Best online websites and communities for students

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We all have heard the internet is a treasure to students. But, what if you do not know the keys to unlock the treasure? Many students just rely on search engines for help and use them whenever they need help. It is not possible for search engines to feed reliable links for a particular research and not all students are aware of special search engine queries and its variances to research exact match data.

So, it is our duty to research some reliable internet resources that can make our student life easier. We have saved your research time by doing manual research on the internet. Below is the list of best academic websites for students: –

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo is the second biggest search engine after Google. This online company runs an online community namely “Yahoo Answers”. In this community, you can post your queries and experts will answer it. Now, you are thinking that instead of posting a query here why can’t we post the query on search engine directly?

Search engines feed results from authority websites like Wikipedia, encyclopedia, and other branded websites. They use high-level English that makes it hard to read and understand for students. So, Yahoo Answer is the best platform for students to get their queries answered in simple and easy English language.Best online websites and communities for students

Fresher’s World

Fresher’s World is an online website that helps students who are pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degree and preparing for company placement. You will get a big database of verbal, aptitude, GD, personal interview, and technical interview questions for effective preparation. Also, you will gain access to last 5-10 years company interview papers. Also, it is helpful for fresh pass outs. This website feeds job vacancies in both local and multinational companies that match your skills and degree.

My Assignment Support

My Assignment Support is an assignment helper website. This company offers academic help to k-1 to k-12, school, college, and university students. You will get computer science assignment help, dissertation help, custom homework writing, essay help, and other paper writing help on 110+ subjects.

Also, the company allows assignment help bargaining that enables you to grab assignment help under your budget.


Term works like homework and assignment writing need manual proofreading and plagiarism checking. But, proofreading needs expertise skills while plagiarism checking needs a big database of previously written books, assignments, and documents.

For this purpose, you can use Grammarly editor. This website offers free proofreading and premium plagiarism checking services. You can write 100% impressive and grade booster papers using the services of Grammarly editors. is a free online dictionary to people. If you heard a new word or have confusions how to use a word to make custom sentences then it will help you. Type a particular word in the search box and it will provide details like its meaning, origin, usage, and other things.

Do add up the above list in your daily activities and get best possible help whenever needed.