Best Productivity Apps that can Turn You as a Smart Worker

Best Productivity Apps

Improved productivity is a key measure of achieving better quarters and year for any company. If you’re a part of any company and expecting you to perform better and get recognised, having good work-life balance, you can think about mobile apps. Yes, it is definitely possible. Let us introduce you some top-notch apps to work for you.


Inkflow allows you to organize your tasks in an artistic manner. You can use this note-taking app to note down notes like how you capture ideas with pen and paper, then you can resize and reorganize them with your fingers. It is great for expressive writing or sketching. You can easily scale or move anything you choose. The app works splendidly for brainstorming and planning, thanks to the mobile apps development companies or app developers who developed it.

Even if you’re looking out for an app to prototype layouts, for sketching, and drawing, Inkflow is the best app you can go with.

Below are some other key features of the app.

  • You can see details at full quality with full resolution zoom.
  • You can also add photos and resize them seamlessly with the ink.
  • You can also add paper backgrounds
  • You can export your books to PDF or high-resolution JPEG
  • Share created documents via Twitter, Email, or any other apps

Price: Free

Platform: iOS


RescueTime is a time management app for staying productive and happy in the modern workplace. It helps individuals and teams go well through the process, by eliminating bad habits. The author of the book “The 4-Hour Work Week” reviewed it as “Simple and powerful. Use this product.” American venture investor Chris Sacca tweeted “try @rescuetime to help achieve efficiency and life balance when using technology”.

The app tracks how you spend your mobile time. It gives you a clutter-free report of how long you spend on your mobile apps and phone calls. It also provides you your efficiency score and top distractions you came over.

Below are the some other top features of RescueTime:

  • Voice call report
  • Alerts and goals to help you manage your digital life
  • Alert on milestones you achieve
  • Productivity history
  • Option to set your preference

Price: Free

Platform: Android


Focusbooster lets your phone automatically get locked whenever you want. You can set a time period by yourself, so you can better focus on study, work or social life. The app works on the Pomodoro technique, so you can work in intervals. This app sets reminder for every 25 minutes, so you can stop then and continue the work after the break. The app was launched on June 16, 2015 and till now achieved nearly 50,000 downloads.

Price: Free

Platform: Android is a to-do list, reminder and notes app. The app synchronizes your to-do lists and notes between phone, desktop, tablet and web platforms. So you’ll never forget agenda where you may be or with any device. A simple homescreen widget will keep you updated with your to do list and agenda. You can also easily assign tasks and share it with anyone in your group. You can manage any type of list of your home, from shopping list to routine tasks list.

Price: Free

Platform: Android and iOS


These are the beautiful apps people always look for, but they are confused about which apps to choose. The above apps are checked apps, so you no need to worry about it, just download and enjoy the tangible benefits these apps offer. Share your comments once using.


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