Blast Room and its Essential Components

Looking for the best quality Sandblast Abrasives? If yes, then purchasing the unmatched quality accessories for this process is also essential. No one can provide you more complete direction as well as a better selection of mechanical blast room systems and machines than IDS Blast. The one of the most important accessories are Sandblasting room. Without this room, sandblasting is not possible.

These blast rooms are generally selected because they can manage more volume, use any type of media, slowly convey the abrasive resulting in less equipment wear as well as are basically the heavier task option.

When you select to follow a mechanical blast room with IDS Blast, you get individualized concern and the expert professionals provide excellent quality services without burning the hole in your pocket.

Learn more about the exact systems that make up a mechanical recovery blast room below.

Blast Room Enclosure

The blast room enclosure is the structure which encircles the area in which sandblasting service will take place. It is contains of multiple panels collected together as well as offers a mounting point for lighting or personnel doors. The size, type and number of main doors vary depending on the design needed. These enclosures can change from the very small, to multiple stories high.

Recover Floor Systems

The reclaim floor system is an excellent device that transfers debris as well as abrasive away from the blast room enclosure. Abrasive collapses through floor grating in the blast room enclosure where it is moved to an elevator system by augers below the floor. There are 5 general kinds of reclaim systems such as Sweep-In, Single Screw, H & U Shaped as well as Full Floor.

Abrasive Recovery

The abrasive recovery system divides reusable abrasive from the broken down abrasive as well as debris produced at the time of blasting. Everything that descends into the reclaim floor system is provided to the abrasive recovery system where a rotary drum as well as an air wash separator is utilized to recover the perfect abrasive for reuse.

Dust Collection

The dust collector is a large filtration device that is liable for cleaning airborne dust from the blast room enclosure so the operator has excellent visibility. For this reason, the size of the dust collector is directly comparative to the cross sectional area of the blast room. Another function of this system is to accept airborne dust from the abrasive recovery system.

Abrasive Blast Pots

An abrasive blast pot is the pressurized tank that includes abrasive as well as utilizes several valves to start & stop the flow of abrasive. An abrasive blast room may have more than one abrasive blast pots with one or more outlets each. Remote controls situated by the blast nozzle are utilized to start as well as stop the blasting process. The abrasive blast pots are refilled from above by the abrasive recovery system.

Support/User Tools

In addition to the five main equipments of this blast room listed above, there are several pieces of support as well as user equipment to consider. Personal protective equipment contains breathing air respirators, carbon-monoxide detectors, blast suits & gloves. Support equipment contains air compressors, air prep, moisture removal, blast hose, nozzles as well as of course abrasive.

So, if you really want to go with sandblasting process then first of all purchase the finest quality blast room or Blast machine in Malaysia.