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Bulk SMS Provider offers an effective marketing technique to advertise your products or services. through modern ways of communication is very convenient for the business to access the maximum people. with the advent, technology is sending numerous messages in the small amount of time. apart from enjoying a popularity of young peoples, sms is finding favors with business also, as they can develop it as a tool for proficient marketing. for instance, traders can employ sms to announce the upcoming stocks, information about any event organized and offering freebies.

the important feature is adding the popularity of sms service is its cost effectiveness. it enables the users to obtain the benefits of marketing without incurring an intense expense. mobile is playing a vital role in our lives to connect with each other. companies prefer this service to instantly transform the information to the audience through mobile phones.

bulk sms provider is deploying services in different industries.

Automobile Industry

the automobile industry is one of the largest industries in the world. nowadays people wants have own car and its now it more convenient will have to travel with own vehicle. the sales revenue of this industry is very high. they used sms service for promoting the brands; generate the business leads, insurance and to reminders, payment reminders, driving tips, upcoming launches, vehicle service reminders, and others. they also send greetings messages to the customers for festive seasons.

Hotels & Resorts

hotels industry is the widely growing industry in India.  the promotional messages will perfect for marketing. hotels industry always linked with the tourism industry. they used sms service for accommodation details, broadcast programs, festive offers, room availability, remind customers regarding location and time, hotel packages, service inquiries, wi-fi & laundry facility,  advertise DJ night shows, gala night, dinner night and lot more.

onextel Media Pvt. Ltd. is showing tremendous progress and has reached almost to every state. bulk sms provider offers bulk ms software to send thousands of messages at a time. now, you can broadcast your messages to each client separately. it is working up to the mark and giving satisfactory results. bulk sms provider gives with plenty of various opportunities where we can look for. it enables you to send numerous messages to the multiple users within the very short period of time. through this makes your task easier and easily reach the maximum people in less time.

bulk sms provider provides promotional sms or transactional sms services. promotional sms is used for basically to endorse your products or services in the marketplace. it is useful for sending offers and discount for coming products. these messages go on non-dnd numbers. transactional sms is used for passing the information to the known customers. these messages delivered on both numbers dnd and non-dnd numbers.

onextel Media Pvt. Ltd. is the reputed bulk sms provider in Noida. We deliver the quality service across the country at the reasonable price. bulk sms provider offers different plans according to customer’s requirement. our company provides you different payment option to the customers like credit or debit card, online transfer, cheque, cash and internet banking. hire our services you get maximum return on investment. our technical team provides 24 x 7 supports to resolve your complex issues.

onextel bulk sms service provides messages from all the sectors to the specific group of people at a cost effective way. bulk sms service gives all sorts of promotional and transactional messages to us to keep us alert and attentive on our day to day transactions as well as other ongoing promotional activities. if any information call now:- 9810292342