Bulk SMS Service Provider-Onextel Bulk SMS

Bulk sms is an effective medium to advertise your brand. It is a unique technology used by business owners to marketing the product. It makes simpler and easiest to send promotional sms to the multiple within short period. We provide flexibility to send messages anywhere at any time. It can all possible with the help of mobile phones. Mobile is used to reach the target audience and potential. Short message service is an important aspect in the widespread popularity.

You need to internet connectivity. In the globalization time there are different sources of advertising the products or services like internet websites and TV and lot more. Bulk sms is less expensive service to market your product. Traditional marketing used for advertisement any product in magazines and newspapers. Bulk sms is used for sending tips, reminders, alerts, customer service and fund raising. Communication is playing a vital role to transmit information among the specific target audience to the masses. It is considered one of the most effective or communication tool in modern times.

We provide a unique messaging solution that offers instant communication transfer your sell and promote your products with old and new clients. Through Bulk sms you reach large audience with just click a single button. It is powerful marketing strategy to send thousands of business messages whether it personalized or customized to the clientele.  We offers customized a plan which meets your business requirement. Companies can easily used bulk sms for holiday’s alerts, interview reminders, take customers feedbacks and communicate with employees.

Airlines industry is used bulk sms for providing information regarding ticket confirmation, flight cancellation notice, flight delays, season’s offers notifications and lot more.

Real estate widely used bulk sms for promoting properties on sale. It is used bulk sms for send offers, discount, all detail for property, upcoming projects details and lot more. The agent also used for providing information to the existing customers for space available for residential or commercial.

We provide Bulk sms software to send numerous messages to the customers. Through software you can send one single message to the several users within short span. We assign you sender ID to all customers and you can use as trade name and then send promotional or transactional messages to the customers.

We provide transactional sms or promotional sms to the customers. Promotional sms is used for basically promote the brand. It sends offers, deals, schemes and discount coupons for any new product. It is helpful those who starts new business in market. Transactional sms is mainly used for providing important information to the existing customers. It is delivered on both non-dnd and dnd numbers at anytime 24 x 7.

Onextel Media Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading Bulk sms service provider in India. We provide web based platform for business owners to send bulk sms using the internet. Our main objective is provides you quality service and you achieves maximum goals in business. Our technician supports you 24 x 7 to promote your brand.

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