How can i increase my adsense revenue by blocking low cpc ads?

After creating my first blog i decided to join google adsense as an publisher for earning. My adsense account easily approved because i get quality traffic on my blog. But still am not able to earn well through google adsense. I start searching on the internet for my answer how can i increase my adsense increase, there i found that one of the main reason of low earning is that ads displaying on my website is of low cpc ads.

Well, i know after knowing my reason of low earning, What is low cpc ads? this type of question is wandering in your mind. So, let me tell you CPC stands for Cost per click. That means how much an advertiser need to pay for single click. If ads which is showing on your blog or website have good Cost per click ( CPC ), then definitely you will get better earning from that ads.

Every one wants to increase their CPC rate who have facing the issue of low earning through adsense but many of them don’t know the actual process of increasing their CPC rate. Due to this their overall earning is very less. So, to help them I came up with this article. I know that your CPC rate is poor. That’s the reason you are reading this article. Am I right? Don’t worry guys because after reading this article you’ll never say that your CPC is low.

So, How can i increase my adsense revenue by blocking low cpc ads? There are few tricks from which you could boost the Adsense earnings. Many times you might have noticed even tough you are getting clicks the CPC rate is very low. The earnings per click might be just $0.01. Google Adsense has an option where you can Block Low Paying Adsense ads and Boost Earnings. For the list of low cpc ads, i have found a post where you can get UPDATED LIST OF LOW CPC ADSENSE ADS 2017 OR LOW CPC ADSENSE LIST 2017  There is no guarantee that you will be getting $10 per click after doing this but definitely, you can protect from the low paying Ads of $0.01.

After checking the list of Low cpc paying website through this link., You’ll have to login into google adsense dashboard. Simply copy all the low cpc site list. After that login into your google adsense account. Tap on option Allow & block ads. In advertiser url tab, there you see a empty box, left side of empty box http:// is written. Simply paste all the below 500 low cpc adsense ads list and click on check urls. All is done. After few days, check your adsense ads cpc. You’ll definitely see the change.

What are your thoughts on increase revenue by blocking low cpc ads? What changes have you implemented as a result?

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