Where You Can Take the Charge of Your Amazing Life

We all love to receive notifications, don’t we? Those little pings from the phone indicating a new message or any other thing gives us a nice little rush And browsing through certain apps is always tantalizing.

But we have to realize that our smart phones can be a huge distraction.

We all have days when we are not able to stop ourselves from staying glued to the screen’s glow, when walking down the street we are so into it that we usually forget to embrace the world around us. We all know what it’s like to check our phones for no reason other than boredom, loneliness, or anxiety.

And this is the high time when we need to feel the urge to spend more time without our phones.

Thus, in this blog I am going to provide 5 ways to break your smart phone addiction.

  • Put your phone on flight mode every night at a particular time. You’ll avoid getting your sleep interrupted and you will wake up with a better sleep and calmer morning.
  • Use the old – fashioned way of keeping track of time because It has almost become our second nature to grab our smart phones every time we want to know what time it is.
  • Turn off your phone for a full day once per week, because without a smart phone you get a better perspective of other important things in life.
  • Try to find other activities where you can divert your time and attention, which can be a long lost hobby or interest.
  • Always keep in mind that when you use your smart phone with a purpose in mind before you unlock it, then you are using it for the right reason.

As I mentioned in the 4th point that an interest or hobby can be beneficial for you to spend some more time without your phone, this is the time when you need to migrate to a place where you are surrounded by such engaging activities.

DLF Capital Greens Phase 1 is available for resale and this time you can’t miss the opportunity to live in the central Delhi where you will have all the luxuries, recreational and fun activities just outside the door.

DLF Capital Greens is positioned at Shivaji Marg in Moti Nagar. And location is the main USP of this project, you get to acquire a lavish apartment life by the most eminent builder in the city with a central location which has a well versed connectivity to every part and corner of the city.

While living here, say goodbye to your mundane and boring days, as you will have a lot of things to do each and every day. The township is embedded with exciting and thrilling activities you can be a part of, some of them are a sumptuous Club which includes Social and Sporting Facilities, Air – conditioned – Party Room, Gymnasium, Restaurant, Multi – purpose Hall & Banquet Hall, Indoor Games – Card Rooms, Pool, Reading Lounge, Swimming Pool & Change Rooms, Convenient Shopping Centre, Dispensary, Community Space for Elderly Citizens, Landscaped Parks and Playgrounds, Dedicated walking and jogging tracks and Senior Secondary School.

The project boasts 2 BHK and 3 BHK tremendously charming apartments outfitted with fabulous features and classic amenities. Really this striking residential bliss is set to transform the skyline of Delhi with its architectural grandeur & magnificence. Nestled in a global location surrounded with gardens, beautiful trees and water bodies this exclusive DLF Capital Greens Shivaji Marg, New Delhi will deliver all your dreams of ease & excitement of pleasure, excellence of comfort, category & in getting everything you ever wanted in life.

So, take the hold of your life and eliminate the unnecessary attention given to the smart phones but you need to remember that Smart phones aren’t the enemy, what needs to change is how we use them.

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