Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

Getting a good night sleep is essential to wake up feeling relaxed and recharged for the new day ahead. But, if your bedding is not right then it is possible that you’ll have a restless sleeping time and a possibility of having back pains in the morning. If you already have back pains then make sure you opt for the greatest quality mattresses for back pain. There are various reputed mattress brands that offer an excellent collection of high-quality mattresses.

To help you in choosing the perfect mattress type for you, we have given a detailed brief about each type of mattress. Have a look:

  1. Inner Spring Mattresses

Inner spring mattresses one of the most commonly used mattresses. These mattresses have coil springs which are individually enclosed. With the help of this, the mattress stays intact for years and prevents the bed’s coils from popping out of the mattress. It should be noted that spring mattress are perfect for overweight people as the mattress makes it easy to get in and out of the bed. These mattresses are good for almost everyone including the people who have back pains.

There are various excellent spring mattress manufactures in Dubai like Raha Oman who do not compromise with the quality and provide spring beddings at cost-efficient prices.

  1. Latex Mattresses  

These beddings are usually made from either natural or synthetic rubber, and are known for providing utmost firmness along with a bouncy support that is uniform throughout the bed. These provide quite a lot of firmness, if you don’t like firm mattresses then latex is definitely not the right choice for you. Latex beddings are great for relieving back pains as they offer a fine combination of comfort and support.

  1. Memory foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are becoming popular worldwide as these beddings are made of layers having different densities of foam that respond to weight and temperature. Also, these mattresses contour to the shape of your bed when you lay down. This enables in reducing pressure points and relieving pain.

  1. Air Mattresses  

High-end air beds look similar to a standard inner spring mattress in appearance. However, unlike the coils used in the inner spring mattress, air beds have air-filled chambers and are covered with a foam layer on top. These air mattresses are ideal for those couples who have different bedding preferences as the firmness of each side of the bed can be altered. To ensure that your air bed remains intact, you need to install multiple chambers so that that doesn’t occur.

Each of these mattresses has different properties associated with it. The one mattress that is considered to be suitable for everyone is surely spring mattresses. If you are in search of a high-quality spring mattress in Dubai then go browse through Raha Oman’s collection online. This is one of the best online mattress and other bedding essentials store in Dubai.

Summary: Deciding the most suitable kind of mattress can be quite a task. It’s important that the mattress you choose matches seamlessly with your preferences, sleeping style, and body weight. To help you choose your mattress with utmost efficiency and ease we’ll discuss each type of mattress and give insights about the effect it will have on your body.