Definition of Transactional Analysis and its Concepts

Way of communication matters a lot to make the good impression and relationship. If you are not good at interacting with others, it would be a good idea to learn about the theory of Transactional Analysis (TA). There are numbers of people that are taking training and interactive workshop of TA to communicate better and analyze the path of their life. The training is equally important to professionals working in the area of counseling or wish to get the international certification for personal and professional growth.

What is transactional analysis?

The concept of Transactional Analysis can be understood as the study of behavior and emotions, a personality theory or a model of communication and relationship. It was originally developed by Dr. Eric Berne and after that many psychological experts have tried to explore and redefine the concept. This is the theory that can be applied to different levels such as group dynamics, clinical side of therapy, interpersonal communication, personality analysis, and analysis of organization.

Important concepts of transactional analysis

Transactional analysis has many important concepts that’s study is essential to become the perfect transactional analysts. Let’s have a quick look over these key concepts:

  • Ego states

Human personality is comprised of three ego states or parts- Adult, Child, and Parent. Each ego state is a complete set of feeling, thoughts, and behavior from which an individual interact and communicate with one another. The interaction between these ego states creates the strong foundation of TA theory. Educational, organizational, consulting, and psychotherapy fields are using this concept to ensure the success.

  • I’m Ok- You’re OK

This is the broadest term of the TA purpose, which is to create and reinforce a position of life enabling the significance of every person to show it. The common belief is to consider an individual as generally OK and is highly capable of change, development, and good or meaningful interactions.

  • Transactions

Communication exchange between the people are basically refers to as transactions that can be executed in two ways- crossed and complementary. During the Transactional Analysis Training, an analyst is trained to identify which ego states people are interacting from and to follow the consequences of the communication taking place in order to improve the superiority and effectiveness of communication.

  • The contract

TA practice depends upon the mutual contracting for a positive change. A trainee considers people as capable of determining the main goal of their live. TA does its work on a contractual basis between therapist, consultant or educator and a client.

  • Strokes

Strokes are the units of interpersonal identification required to survive and grow. Analyzing the way people give and receive the positive or negative stroke and changing the unhealthy patterns of stroking are the most useful and strongest part of work in TA.

  • Games people play

Games are described as socially dysfunctional behavioral patterns according to Dr. Berne. The tricky repetitive transactions are mainly intended to get the strokes but in its place they strengthen the negative feelings and self-concepts, and cover the straight expressions of emotions and thoughts.

After learning all these concepts, you would be able to understand other people in a better way, manage the relationships and examine own strong points and weakness.

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