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Have you ever wondered how to do something that you love such as fashion, travel or even cooking and be paid for it at the same time? Most of the time, these are considered as hobbies rather than actual jobs but times are a-changing and professions are struggling to keep up with it. One of the most coveted professions in the past two years has become blogging. It is an art form that has become a way to earn some serious moolah.

Explore your Forte from Different Blogs : All In One Guest Blog

There are many kinds of bloggers that have come into play and thanks to their personal anecdotes and connect to what they write about, users tend to trust their opinions a lot more. This is why blogging as a profession has really taken flight. While blogging for money is tempting, a passion for the profession and genuine knowledge about the topic is necessary. Here are some of the most common topics in the blog-o-sphere.


Bloggers in India are really getting into the fashion blogging scene with tons of new blogs cropping up on a daily basis. Being in the middle of a fashion revolution, many bloggers in India are looking to turn to this art form to truly express themselves. The platform for fashion blogging is increasing by the day and with many collaborations and brands approaching them for influencer activities, it is no surprise that more and more people are looking to take this up as a means of making money. While this is a good idea, you need to really be able to think out of the box and have a creative fashion sense in order to gain followers and establish yourself in the market.


After travel, one of the top blogging platforms is for travel. Everyone wants to satiate their travel lust and if you can do so by writing about it and getting the chance to travel for free, why would you give up the opportunity? This is why travel blogging is extremely popular and those who started their blogs out of passion have seen it blossom into a serious moneymaking venture. If you have a wanderlust soul too and know many lovely places to go, you can try your luck in this venture!.


Another popular platform, people are always looking for fun hacks and methods to change their lifestyle into something more healthy or sophisticated. Bloggers who write about the same have a huge fan following and are open to more collaborations because the platform is a little vague in itself. You can talk about various topics in this and these blogs are generally a little more laid back and aim to strike a chord with the people.

Food bloggers

People are always looking for various types of food and culinary experiences to try out. From recipes to new hacks and simple gourmet meals, there is a plethora of topics to write about and those who seek gastronomic experiences are more inclined towards food blogs so this is a great place to start too.

There are many more options to start your blog on and if you are looking for a community to meet new blogs and brands on, Blogmint.com is the place to be. Along with a number of brands, you definitely can look to improve the way your blog functions and make some progress with a good blogging platform.

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