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Marriages in India

India is a country that is known for a variety of things. Be it any festival or occasion, it is always celebrated with great pomp and show. Marriages are one of the important celebrations in the country that are enjoyed by everyone. Be it the young generation or the old people, it is filled with fun for all of them. Punjab is the state where people are totally connected to their soil. They believe in doing bigger things in life. They are broad minded and are known to change themselves as per the need of the time. Marriages in Punjab are totally an affair of glamour and show. The community is widely spread and therefore it is easier to find the suitable Punjabi rishtey.

Different formats

The country is full of different communities of people who have their own traditions and customs. Their way of celebration is also different and unique. If we talk about the formats of the Indian marriages, then they can be broadly classified into the following parts-

  • Love marriages- Here, people who like each other decide to get married. They find their partners themselves who may or may not be of the same community.
  • Arranged marriages- In this, as the name suggests, the marriage is arranged by the relatives and the family members. They look for the brides and grooms and choose the best one among them.
  • Traditional marriages- They are performed according to the rituals and traditions that are followed by the people of a group. They are organized as grand fests that involve inviting the family members, relatives, friends, acquaintances etc.
  • Court marriages- They are the simplest ones that are performed in a court room in front of a legal authority. It also requires people who can act as the witnesses for the occasion.

Vivacious Punjabi weddings

The weddings in this region are celebrated as a grand ceremony that has a lot of music, food and fun. In the traditional Punjabi society, when the girl or the boy becomes eligible for marriage, the family starts looking for their life partners. They give advertisements at different places with the hope of finding Punjabi matrimony brides and grooms. There are so many pre wedding rituals that are organized before the main event. The roka ceremony is one of them, that is performed when the marriage is fixed. The boy’s family accepts the girl as their bride and vice versa. Other functions include mehendi, sangeet, haldi etc. Each and every event, including the main ceremony is grand and loud and enjoyed by all the members of the family.

Finding your life partner

Everything is becoming digital these days and people are also adapting to it. Gone are the days when matches were found manually. These days many websites have come up that provide the matchmaking facility. There are different networks available on the internet where people can simply register, become members and find their life partners easily.