The Future of CRM: Why You Need CRM Data Cleaning


As far as Customer Relationship Management software is concerned, the future has already arrived. After all, CRM systems have become one of the fastest-growing enterprise software categories. You will hardly encounter a business that doesn’t employ CRM systems in one way or another. Moreover, if you are a growing B2B business, it goes without saying that your CRM is an integral part of your everyday sales and marketing activities.

As CRMs become more intelligent and better integrated, the future looks promising for all those organizations that employ them. Moreover, as CRMs are adopted, businesses have noticed that they can deliver more qualitative customer experiences, acquire new and retain old customers effectively, and even gain valuable insights on customer behaviour.

Some Facts about CRM and Its Future

  • Once upon a time customer experience used to be the top sales metric. However, now customer satisfaction is considered paramount.
  • To remain efficient in this customer-centric B2B environment, CRM systems must be able to function effectively, with precision and offer accurate predictive analysis.
  • 59% of B2B customers say that companies that approach them with communication created on the basis ofpast interactions and personal preferences.
  • Globally, the CRM market is assumed to grow at around 13.7% by 2021, according to Gartner.

B2B companies of all sizes and industries understand that the way ahead is supported by robust CRM systems that can function optimally. In today’s scenario and in the future, business will find that the efficiency of a CRM system has a huge say in the overall growth of their brand.

The Importance of Customer Intelligence

In the B2B scenario, customers are changing and constantly evolving. Consequently, customer intelligence and its application have gone beyond simple demographic analysis. Today businesses must possess accurate customer information and intelligence if they want a share of the market. The key reason for this is that customers have come to expect highly personalized experience from brands that wish to gain their patronage. There is very little room for mistakes.CRM database

The more robust your CRM database, the more useful the insights and predictive analysis generated through it will be. In short, a clean and updated CRM system helps drive customer-winning marketing strategy and tactics. Positive experiences among customer and prospects help you by bringing in accounts with a higher lifetime value, greater brand loyalty and more frequent purchases.

In short, a robust CRM does a lot more than just organize your customer relationship efforts.

How Do CRM Cleaning Services Help?

When you contact someone with a view of selling or marketing, correct data can make a huge difference. Accurate data and intel means the difference between fumbling around trying to pitch something, and knowing just what the prospect needs. While a CRM system helps centralize client and prospect intelligence, employing such a system is only the beginning.

Data decay is a phenomenon that refers to the natural degeneration of the value of client or prospect data. Estimates suggest that the average CRM’s database decays at a rate of 4%-6% a year, at least. When a B2B business relies on such outdated data to power their efforts, they end up wasting time and resources. The results and returns are average at best. However, with a clean, regularly updated and verified CRM, things are fundamentally different.B2B business

When your CRM database enjoys regular cleaning, appending, scrubbing and maintenance, all teams can do their jobs better. With the right data, your teams are well-prepared and can take on challenges effectively, landing more sales. If you have a data solutions partner who can add value to your CRM with manually mined lead list data, there is nothing better.

All in all, a CRM cleaning service will help you make the most out of a software system that is already important to your business, and only stands to become more integral to growth. CRM database cleaning services help in increasing ROI. According to figures by Nucleus Research, for every dollar spent on CRM services, the expected returns reach almost $8.71 in sales revenue. Furthermore, investments in CRM cleaning boost ROIs for your lead generation, customer acquisition, customer retention and sales efforts.

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Finding the Right CRM Cleaning Partner for Your B2B Organization

Although CRM cleaning brings in giant returns in the long run, it isn’t practical to undertake it in-house. Instead, you need a reliable data solutions partner who can handle this task correctly and with expertise. Moreover, outsourcing this task to an industry leader like BizProspex will help you save on time, resources and money.