Get Relief from Back Pain through Spine Surgery in India

Chronic back pain brought about by aging happens to the best of us. In many cases, this low back pain, even when it is really painful, will become better with time and care. However, when the back pain persists, it is time to see your family physician.

Get the expert opinion first

The time for alarm is not yet come. One must see the physician and when he insists, you go see the chiropractor. Only when the chiropractor advises you to see a spine surgeon, must you do so. The chiropractor uses mechanical means to alleviate the back pain. Your physician may try some NSAIDs or non-narcotic pain medications. Done in conjunction with physiotherapy, there is every chance to avoid surgery. One must make changes to the lifestyle including changing the posture and the use of special equipment for supporting the body. However, when there is no other option, one must resort to surgery. For this, one must try to get the services of the best spine surgeons in India.

Method employed in surgery

When you perform the spine surgery, the normal thing to do is to make an open incision so as to get a full view of the spine. However, you have one option to this. This is the minimum invasive spine surgery (MISS) where the incisions on the back is small. The advancement in technology has made this possible. In this, one need not move the muscles and tissues surrounding the spine and so the time for the operation becomes reduced. This kind of reduction in moving the muscles and tissues helps reduce the recovery time after the surgery. However, not every patient might be qualified for a MISS procedure. It depends on the nature of the pain and the other related factors such as sex and age.

Use of computers

During the surgery, the doctor is assisted in his surgery by computer-aided instruments. By doing this, the surgeon gets a better view of the spine during surgery. Since his accuracy is improved, he is able to perform better. In this, computer images of the spine taken before the surgery commences is used as a comparative device with the images taken during the spine surgery. These techniques are known as intraoperative flouroscopy or real time x-ray and preoperative computed tomography (CT).

Choice of the approach

You have many approaches to the spine surgery. If you choose the best spine doctor in India he will determine which is the best one for you. One is the approach from the front of the body. This is the anterior approach and is done through the abdomen. The second one is the posterior approach in which the incision is made on your back. At times, the surgeon may choose the lateral approach which is approaching the spine from the side of the body.

One can aggravate the back pain through improper mechanics of the body. Since prevention may not be always possible, one must seek surgery as an alternative. Wait for full recovery before you begin any active play or work participation.

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