Get Wrap in the Elegance of Pashmina Shawls

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Classy and quality Pashmina Shawls can be the excellent addition to a wardrobe. Kashmir Pashmina has the myriads of advantages providing both stylish comfort and warmth to body making it the preferable choice for fashion lovers. Other than breathing a new life into the wardrobe, this garment can be used as an impeccable gift for every people. Different varieties of Pashmina accessories are available in the luxury showrooms, consignment shops, local department stores, online shopping websites, and others.


Pashmina shawl is a must-have accessory in the fashionable attire collection. Most of the fashion conscious people love wearing these shawls as it gorgeously brings out the glamour even in the simplest outfit also. It can be wear on t-shirts, jeans, saree, suits, long skirts, and other around the neck, over the hand or other stylish way to transform the personality from simple to graceful making the outfit trendy.

How to buy the original Pashmina shawl?

Numbers of companies are today delivering the Pashmina thus it becomes lots of confusing for the people to decide which variety they choose. Before purchasing it, the buyer should make sure that Pashmina garments are designed with different specifications such as thickness, size, shape, etc allied to how much warmth and style it provide. The purchaser must check for its quality making sure that it should be 100% Pashmina or it is a combination of 70% Pashmina and 30% silk. It should be made naturally unlike the assembly-line manufactured ones.

Handloom Shawls Manufacturers design the garment that provides the overall warmth and classic sheen making it ideal to wear for various occasions such as formal events, wedding, and others. How many percentage of silk content is present in the shawl commonly clearly mark on the accessory but it is recommended to check for it because difference in warmth depends on amount of silk added. Don’t go to purchase the Pashmina shawl that contains viscose (a man-made material) because it is less soft and has short life when compared to original Pashmina shawl.

The best and easiest way of buying the highest quality shawl is to purchase it from reliable company that understands the true definition of Pashmina and manufacture the handloom shawls that are the sign of beauty, style, and quality.

Tips for handloom Pashmina shawl care

Caring for the Pashmina shawl is important to maintain it in pristine condition and used for the long term. There are different ways for the cleaning depending on which variety of shawl you are purchasing i.e. silk shawls, pure wool or that of handloom Pashmina.

Pashmina shawls can be carefully washed by hand using the light detergent in cold water. Then it can be rolled in a towel to remove the excess water and leave it dry in the shade. Note: shawl should not be ironed while it is wet. Ensure it is dried completely before you go to stream-iron it. Try to keep it in folded position in a paper bag when not in use.

The premium quality of Pashmina shawls purchased from reputable company reward the customer with comfortable and elegant fashion accessory that passed down for generations.