Good and Bad things about QuickBooks Desktop Editions

Accounting industry is rapidly moving towards cloud-computing to avail assorted advantages of a fully technological model. A huge number of users have adopted this latest technology to extensively modify their accounting chores.

Besides, many QuickBooks desktop users think are migrating to QuickBooks online, a web-based edition. They hold a belief that migration to web-based edition is better than continuing to the old version. The reality is far away from the perception!

Unquestionably, QuickBooks Online is good for anytime, anywhere access to financial data and applications. It may be the expert to provide similar functionality of QuickBooks desktop version, but it has many limitations that lower user experience.

Therefore, businesses need to trust QuickBooks Desktop for complete suite of features that cater to financial needs in quite efficient manner. QuickBooks Hosting, in that case, is the right choice to expand the business advantages.

Little knowledge about hosting services may be crucial prior to the selection. This helps a business to make right decision.

Hosting “QuickBooks Desktop” version means the hosting provider will manage the entire financial data through their cloud-based servers. However, there are certain things that one should know about hosting QuickBooks desktop version for any size of business.

Benefits of QuickBooks desktop hosted on the cloud:

Whether you have QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Enterprise, hosting solution from reliable and experienced service provider endow with following advantages-

  • Access the applications anytime and from anywhere. Run the software and access all company data files with no trouble. The feature allows the business users working with a single company file from any location
  • Businesses that have manifold locations and mobile workforce can take advantages of centralized access to the applications and data. This allows all individuals to function as they are at a common place to carry out the same work
  • No training required for conversion. Users do not require any training to avail the features and converting data into existing format. Hosted QuickBooks desktop edition is the same software users have been using on their personal computers earlier augmented with more advanced features and computing power.
  • Hosted QuickBooks Desktop allows the user benefit from collaboration with other parties. For instance- outsourced bookkeeper or Accounting professionals may be able to working on client’s accounts and share the data seamlessly at the time client is working in the system.

Clearly, the client does not need copying or synchronizing the data. It enables outside professional working closely with business to strengthen the outsourced relationship.

  • Major benefits of getting QB software hosted by the service provider is the elimination of extra cost on IT management and on-premise infrastructure. This assists the business individuals focusing in the business cores rather than technology being used

Drawbacks related to QuickBooks Desktop hosting- 

  • Licensing for multiple user access can come up as a big challenge to some service providers. The superiority of hosting solution may ensure the users about whether the challenges are properly addressed by the service provider. In that case the service provider may go with “LCD- lowest common denominator” approach by offering generic setup for every time a user logon to its account
  • Some business risks are involved with the use of QuickBooks software to meet the entire accounting needs. With a hosted environment, it may technically be possible to allow a non-authorized person accessing the applications and the business data
  • There may be times users can go through some frustrating situations when multiple user performances and a number of servers get affected. Adding the number of customers with a few numbers of users can create problematic situation. It can also create the cost needed to maintain whole infrastructure

The whole scenario may fetch you the picture which involves more benefits over less risks. However, there are many service providers on the market help to manage the intricacies of QuickBooks desktop products within their hosted environments.

Also the service providers ensure delivery of high level functionality of the applications in order to meet business requirements proficiently. A QuickBooks file in the cloud has many more feature than an ordinary desktop file with no hosting.

The service provider with a wide range of QuickBooks enterprise tutorials, QuickBooks Pro tutorials and QuickBooks Premier tutorials help the customers find the solutions related with the operations.

You can rely on Techarex Networks for all your accounting software hosting or advanced IT needs.


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