Google Renovates for Uber’s Cyborg Wagons

Uber Automation CarsWhat is an autonomous car?

An autonomous car which is also known as the robotic car is a vehicle which has a good capability of sensing its environment and moving without human power.  Various modern techniques are used and have amazing control systems that are capable of examining sensory data to differentiate cars on the road.

The major advantages of using autonomous cars are that it helps in reducing the traffic collisions.  The main drawback is that there is a major loss of driving-related jobs in the transportation industry. The possible technological obstacle is that Artificial Intelligence is not able to function properly in the inner cities. And also, the current road infrastructure should be proper for the autonomous cars to work in an efficient manner.

Uber’s initial start of automation cars:

Uber’s self-driving efforts started in the year 2015, with the help of experts from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University. But, Google started working on driverless cars in 2009, and its service has logged more than two million miles. But Google has seen defections and the executives were frustrated that the technology is taking a long time to mature.

Google self-car division:

Google’s self-car division, which is known to be Waymo, appears to be stepping on the gas. Its main focus is on self-driving technology. They are in the business of making better drivers. Their executives emphasize that their technology is fully autonomous, its mapping system not only identifies items and the folks on the road; it can also predict their future actions. A Waymo car can identify a police car and see whether its lights are flashing. It can pick out a cyclist and predict what direction that cyclist will go next. The self-driving car is prepared for unexpected counters, like a truck driving on the wrong side of the road or the animal darting in front of it. And also it is learning to cope with all kinds of weather conditions, including heavy rain and snow.

Are self-driving cars safe?

The self-driving cars should seek the proper permission for the public safety. It is essential that Uber takes appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the public. If the Uber does not confirm immediately that it will stop its launch and seek a testing permit. Most of the companies working on self-driving cars proclaim the vehicles as a potentially safer alternative to human drivers. For most of the part, testing of the technology has shown cars to be safe. However, some autonomous vehicles have been involved in accidents, in which a Google car collision took place.  Since Uber introduced self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, there have a few complaints were raised that the autonomous cars went in the wrong way down one-way streets and ignoring traffic signals. However, no injuries were reported.

Amazon’s s new technology to speed shipment:

The Amazon has recently invested in robotics, and it has been worked up with several drone patents. The robot Amazon has earned a patent which led to extend its robotic workforce. It also represents an important step to entrust robots with the proper handling of products in the final process before they shipped the consumers. A customer-facing retail robot eventually is aimed at slow stakes interaction to help the folks find the stores and find products. Allowing a robot that touches a thing before a person opens up the box could be the gateway for the robots to do a lot in fulfillment.

Uber rides in Pittsburgh:

The loyal Uber users in Pittsburgh will be the first U.S consumers invited to hail its automated Ford Fusion sedans. Real-world testing is critical to the success of the self-driving technology. And creating a viable alternative to individual car ownership is important for the cities in future. Uber’s closely controlled test

The Design of Automation car:

In total the cars are packed with twenty cameras, seven lasers and a host of monitoring devices that make three-dimensional maps of all surrounding circumstances. Its two-hundred-pound rooftop rig gives the cars a futuristic look, capped by its spinning the laser-based system that sees in all directions.  Uber’s tie-up with Volvo will add a second generation of vehicles with sleeker rooftop rigs that weigh less than half the current version. But the exact arrival date has not been announced.

About eighty-five percent of driving scenarios artificial intelligence can deal it easily with the modern technology. The remaining fifteen percent is said to be not successful one. Along with Uber’s autonomous ambitions, the companies like Nissan, Ford etc are targeting the release of vehicles capable of operating without human control starting from the year 2020 or 2021.

Uber’s launch of automation cars in San Francisco:

Uber made its name by pairing customers with drivers through a phone app. It has been developed from small startup to multinational company with operations in more than four hundred cities in seventy-two countries. Now Uber has a taken a step forward, attempting into robotics and artificial intelligence with autonomous vehicles. Some of the self-driving cars are already in service in Pennsylvania.

Uber’s self-driving cars, accompanied by a human driver, has been traveling on the streets of San Francisco for a past few months. The company had said the cars were being used individually to collect data for maps. Mapping streets are part of readying the autonomous vehicles for the open road, so they can identify routes and learn to detect obstacles. Recently, Uber has joined in partnership with Volvo to develop the self-driving cars.

Still present, Uber’s self-driving cars had been available in only one US city, Pittsburgh. After two years of testing, the company launched a small fleet of autonomous vehicles in the month of September in that city. Uber said it has several plans to have hundred self-driving cars in Pittsburgh in the future.

It is said to be Uber has acquired New York-based artificial intelligence lab and will soon launch its own Uber AI labs. The geometric Intelligence’s engineers are specialized in machine learning and will help to push in the Uber’s research in self-driving cars.

Uber’s ride-hailing service is set to get smarter. The geometric Intelligence’s specialists in machine learning will help drive the Uber’s research in self-driving cars. Robotic cars are a trendy research area for the automotive industry and Uber is keen to make its mark on the amazing technology. In addition to machine learning, Uber can also use AI to help calculate the most effective route, and more accurately tell the customers when the car will arrive. Uber is not only the automotive company getting into artificial intelligence. There are many other automobile companies which have already started their research. The self-driving cars have bought a permanent halt to drivers, who use their own cars to give Uber rides. Those drivers are important to the company’s business model in the present era. Some drivers have filed a case demanding to be classified as employees, and other drivers have protested against the company, demanding for better payment and vacation holidays. Uber has said it doesn’t plan to eliminate the drivers at any situation. But with the company launching the new plan of self-driving cars in San Francisco, that could change the situation.

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