Hashtags? What are the #hashtags? Where do they come from ? What are they for ?

The hashtags “#hashtags” or “clickable word” allow the marking of a word in an article or publication. The marking of words with the hashtags allows great flexibility of use compared to a conventional hierarchy of content into categories.hashtags

In practice, the words preceded by a #become clickable hashtags and refer to other publications or related to these same words also preceded with #, a hashtag can be considered as a keyword. If despite all my efforts the definition lacks clarity, I hope the following article will help you.

What are hashtags?

The hastags are markers of metadata commonly used on the Internet, they can mark content with a keyword more or less shared. They are composed of typographical sign spider ‘#‘ hash in English, followed by “one or more contiguous words” tag always in English.

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Where do the #hashtags?

They are found mainly hashtags on social networks and IRC. Since 2009, Twitter using the hashtag associated with a hyperlink leading to a page of results from its search engine listing all tweets containing the hashtag is Twitter in 2009 progress leading to a page of results from its search engine listing all tweets containing the hashtag in question.

Facebook follows the trend and uses hashtags since June 2013. The hashtags are also used by Instagram, it allows a fast and efficient search for the surfer and good targeting for those who post the photo.

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What is the Hashtag?

The hashtag increases the reach of your publications and allows to reach a qualified audience: it helps to focus on a very focused topic that could interest a targeted audience of fact. A search by a user with a hashtag is used to display all publications referring to this HashTag, including yours.

He will then have the opportunity to read your publication or your brand and to interact directly with it, provided you have thought of the # before the name of your brand.

You can also promote your event by creating a special hashtag on this occasion and give it its own identity. You can also use the hashtag to associate your publication to a city uplifting !!

Hashtags arrive on your favorite blog!

To further improve the user experience blog after the responsive design and visual redesign before, your favorite blog incorporates the use of hashtags, and the first of them will be #responsive.


The hashtag is an opportunity to seize in order to experience a targeted audience on social networks … do not let go! Hashtags to be effective must obey certain rules, it will be a future article.

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