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Flowers have a language of their own. Each flower has its specific meaning, its specific message and its own personality, which is why different flowers can be used to communicate different sentiments in various occasions. What’s so beautiful about flowers is that they’re so diverse, you can find the right flower for almost any occasion or event whether it’s for a happy occasion or a sad one, a wedding or a funeral, for romance or friendship. Here is a short guide on how to pick the right flower bouquet for the right occasion.

To say “I love you”
Red roses are a classic sign of romance and the universal language of love. The color red means “I love you”; send the object of your affection a bouquet of roses to reaffirm your love or even celebrate an anniversary or on valentines’ day. Red carnations or even tulips are another choice to declare your love to someone; they’re elegant and they show how passionate you are about them.

To your friend
Yellow flowers are an indication of friendship, joy and happiness; yellow roses and carnations with a combination of other neutral colored flowers would make a perfect bouquet for your friend.

For formal events
White lilies, a sophisticated and elegant flower, are most well-known for their use in formal events such as funerals, business events and even weddings because they’re neutral, formal yet extremely elegant.

Get well soon
You should opt for bright and cheery flowers as a get well soon gift bouquet. Daisies are a sure fire way to brighten anyone’s day with their colorful and joyful nature. Another great option is Peonies which are beautiful and unique, signifying healing which is the ideal way to send someone your best wishes. While you want the bouquet to be cheery, be careful it’s not too bright to avoid overwhelming the sick person.

You’re Beautiful
What’s a better way to tell someone they’re beautiful than by gifting them a bouquet of classy elegant orchids? They’re a sign of love, beauty and refinement. They stand tall and elegant just like a beautiful lady. A luxury flower indeed.

Happy Mother’s Day
One of the most important days of the year to show mom how much we appreciate and love her. A beautiful mom deserves a beautiful bouquet. Carnations are the official flower for mother’s day often in red and pink colors and white carnations for deceased mothers. While carnations are the most associated flower with mother’s day, that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to carnations! Other options include purple roses, pink lilies, lilacs, orchids and yellow tulips. Better yet? Send a bouquet with a combination of several of these flowers depending on your mom’s favorite flowers and favorite fragrance.

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