It is a known fact that bathrooms are exposed to moisture most of the time and are susceptible to mould, muck and mildew build up. The best solution to this is to separate the bathroom into two functional zones – wet and dry. This regulates humidity and resolves the related issues to a great extent as well as it helps to create a bathroom that is stylish, safely accessible and easier to clean.

So what is dry zone and wet zone in a bathroom?

The dry zone generally contains the wash basin area and the toilet area. Preferably, you would want to keep this area dry since it is the most frequently used area in a bathroom. The wet zone contains the shower or bath area. If the water in this area can be contained, it would help keep the rest of the bathroom dry, giving a clean elegant look and feel to your bathroom. The bath towel should be placed at an easily accessible distance from within the wet space. This will ensure you dry off before stepping out of the wet zone. As soon as you step out after a shower or bath, you should first wipe off your feet on a bathmat kept immediately outside the wet area. This way you can walk out of the bathroom without wetting the whole bathroom floor. This ensures that anyone who needs to use the dry areas of the bathroom will have a dry floor to walk on. Keeping the wet area away from the dry area is important because you wouldn’t want to track water around the dry zone, enabling visually neater and cleaner bathrooms in your homes.

How to separate wet and dry zone in a bathroom?

The bathroom should be designed in such a way that all water activities are kept on one side of the bathroom. Create partition walls to keep the wet and dry zones separate. There are mainly two categories of partitions – Shower Screens and Shower Curtains. Shower screens are solid structures usually of unbreakable glass while shower curtains are movable and usually of plastic or fabric. Shower screens come in different styles based on the design and the type of door used. There are fully frameless, semi frameless and fully framed shower screens. The door options are pivoting door, sliding door and no door. Planning the layout of a bathroom can be quite tricky, especially if you’re trying to squeeze in a variety of features while the area is limited. Here are some key points that you need to remember and discuss with your interior designer or architect when designing your bathrooms and choosing partitions for the wet and dry spaces of your bathroom. 

Firstly you need to consider the amount of floor space in the bathroom, as this will ultimately determine the types of partition that you can choose from. In smaller bathrooms, a shower curtainor a sliding door type shower screen may be your only choice.  The next major determinant is the theme and look of your bathroom.  Frameless shower screens are the best choice if you want a spacious feel to your bathroom.  If this is beyond your budget, then a semi frameless shower screen is ideal.  A fully framed shower screen is good for a low cost design or a traditional appeal. Another important aspect to keep in mind is the maintenance that will be associated with your shower screen or curtain. A fully frameless shower screen is the optimum selection if you don’t want to be spending a lot of time cleaning. The advantage of this type of shower screen is that there are only few places for dirt and muck to get trapped and hence they are very low maintenance. Another low maintenance option is the semi frameless shower screen. On the other hand, a fully framed shower screen would require more cleaning than other types of shower screens because of the larger number of edges. The type of door that you choose will also make a difference. A pivoting door is much easier to clean than a sliding one. A shower curtain would require periodic cleaning to keep mould and grime away.

A good interior design architect can plan your bathrooms into efficient wet and dry areas regardless of how much floor space is available. Thanks to the various designing options available in the market you can have the design of your liking that suits your budget. All framing and fixtures for shower screens and shower curtains are available in a wide range of choices. So you can choose one that perfectly suits your bathroom decor!

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