What is Influencer Marketing and How to Create a Perfect Influencer Marketing Template?

Influencer marketing is tested by many companies that resulted in varying degrees of success for them. Some have seen fruitful results with it in establishing their brand value and some have used it as a direct sales channel. What is influencer marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing, also called influencer outreach, is a method of reaching out celebrities or reputed individuals to increase the brand value or to make product (or service) offerings to targeted customers through them. For example, if your company wants any film actress or reputed blogger to share good thoughts or their experience about your product, you can reach out them through influencer marketing approach. You can also ask influencers to be featured in your book or article in the form of their opinion or quote you’re writing for individual benefit or benefit on the organizational perspective.

This digital-cum-traditional marketing method starts with sending out a formal mail to them and conveying them mutual benefit you offer. This is followed by all sorts of companies today, even tech companies, particularly mobile app development companies to build a solid brand value.

As the major portion of communication happens through email, email template you follow plays a very important in influencer marketing. Now let us show you a solid influencer marketing template.

A Perfect Influencer Marketing Template

The subject : If you don’t nail the subject line, your mail will be vain. Unless until your mail’s subject line draws attention, nobody shows interest to click on, just take you as an example.

Here I am showing you some attention-grabbing subject lines that are capable enough to compel even top CEOs.

Subject 1: Hey <Name of the person>, we want to feature you in our book

Subject 2: Covering <person’s name> in our book

Subject 3: Become a brand influencer of our company

Your subject line should be genuine, should not show any false promise, instead is should be appropriate to email body.

The body

This is crucial, where you put all important, non-lengthy and non-confusing, much required elements. This is what you say they believe. So make it interesting, don’t go very personal, and keep only relevant inspiring elements. Let’s see how to craft it.

  1. Your introduction – this builds familiarity
  2. Email purpose – keep short and sweet, clearly convey, why because most influencers don’t show much interest to break thoughts from unknown sources
  3. Clear call to action – you should ask them permission to schedule a call or ask when they can get back to you

Sample of email body

Imagine you as the marketing manager of a company.

Dear <influencer name>

Hope you’re doing great.

I am <your name>, marketing manager at <your company name>. I’ve been following your work from many years and liked your <performance/article> on <movie/exhibition>.

I am reaching out you today as I felt your support to <our organization> will bring top-notch mutual benefits. I feel, as an influencer, you’ll earn easy and tangible benefits, such as <mention benefits>.

I hope you’ll enjoy collaborating with us. If you feel it’s something beneficial to you, please let me know your free time slot to schedule a call. Or you can get back to me via mail.

Waiting for your response.

The follow-up message

You can’t be sure that your well-crafted mail always gets clicked. Amidst of hundreds of mails, they mayn’t have checked your mail. So it is always good to send a follow up mail after 2 days. Below is a follow-up mail template.

Hi [influencer name],

I am [your name] from [your company]. I had reached you via mail last week regarding [tell about the matter briefly]. I reached out feeling that you’d be a perfect person for this.

Some of the top benefits you will get from this are [re-list the benefits you sent before or add some benefits to that].

I would love to have you to work on this.

Looking forward to your reply.

Other ways to make them read mail

Reach them on Twitter. Tweet to them, saying “Hey, I sent you an email, waiting for your reply!” This is a good way of remaindering, which makes them immediately check the inbox.

What to do if no reply?

I happens sometimes, how polished your email may be. But don’t give up, instead refine the areas that you felt need a refinement. In influencer marketing, be a scientist. Innovations of scientists come out with experiments, not with give-ups.


Use all the above techniques to be successful in your influencer marketing effort, but be step-by-step. Best of luck for your effort.


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