New City, New Country: Tips on Relocating for Study Abroad

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If you have decided to go and study abroad, there are some great advantages in doing so. But also there are some pitfalls that you need to try to avoid. It is a great idea to travel when you are young and if you can combine that with studying, even better. There is so much to be said for going to live in another country. Where you can immerse yourself in their culture for a while, make new friends, maybe learn a foreign language, possibly live cheaper, and it could also be true that the educational facilities are better than your own country.


So, now we’ll look at some essential tips that you should take on board if you have decided on or are considering relocating to study abroad.

Make Your Research : Before you make the actual move, do some thorough research on the country that you are planning to relocate to.
It is, unfortunately, a sad fact of life that some countries in the world are just not safe to live in and this, obviously, should be avoided at all costs.
Even if you are going to a country that is considered reasonably safe, there are still bound to be areas that are dangerous, so you need to do your research and find out places and areas to avoid.
Also, check out the cultural differences so that you don’t find yourself making a serious faux pas while you are there.
This is not only true for different parts of the world. A lot of western cultures are very similar, but you still need to check up on local culture and customs.

Plan Your Stay : There are plenty of things that you will need to plan in advance before going. For example, where you are going to live, what you will do for money, how you will access the money, how to get a passport or visa if you require one, etc. And, of course, you have to plan your travel arrangements. These are the basic necessities that you will need to plan before you go.

Budget : You necessarily need a budget, at least for the first six months of your stay abroad.
You may be lucky enough to have savings to cover your time there, but if not you will probably have to consider finding a part-time job. If that’s the case, you should start making inquiries about the local work situation for foreign students.

Language :  If your destination is an English-speaking country, then it is all well and good. If, however, you are going somewhere with a different language, then it is a good idea to start learning some basic phrases and words before you go. The locals will appreciate it; and, of course, it will open up so much more to you if you can at least master some of the elementary phrases of the language. In a new country, you’ll be able to learn the language quickly, communicating with native speakers.
Some people expect the whole world to speak English, but this is not right, and it is also not true. There are still countries in the world where very few people speak the “international” language, believe it or not! You will find that this is especially true if you decide to travel a bit and go off the “beaten track” while you are there.

Expat Communities : Find out if there is an expat community from your own country. These communities are good opportunities for helping you to integrate into local life. They already live there, in some cases maybe for years, and they will be only too willing to welcome you into their community and also to dish out invaluable advice and help if required. It is also a great way to make new friends.

Make Friends : Apart from any expat community, try to make new friends as quickly as possible. It could be that there are other students from your country who have also made the move abroad. It will be very helpful and comforting if that is the case. To start with, things can be pretty daunting and, at times, lonely, when you move to a foreign country. Having someone around who at least speaks the same language as you, it can be a big help.
You should also try and find several local friends. After all, surely that is part of the reason you have gone abroad!
You will probably find, if you have done your research well, that many locals will be only too willing to befriend you and make you welcome in their country. This will be even easier if you find yourself a part-time job, perhaps in a local cafe or bar, for example.

Enjoy Yourself!  : Last of all, but definitely not least, enjoy your time abroad. This is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you really should make the most of it.
If you have planned and prepared well, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to relocate abroad and have a fantastic time.
Of course, there will be times when you’ll feel sad, lonely and homesick. You will (naturally) be missing your family and friends, but there are so many ways of staying in touch these days. There is a phone, e-mail, Skype and a host of other platforms where you can’t only talk, but also see each other.
Make sure that you keep in touch with everybody back home at least once a week. Remember, they will be missing you.

So, if you have the opportunity of relocating abroad to study, do it and you will surely not regret it. You won’t only know something new and improve your professional skills, but also spend a good time, meet new people, make acquaintance with the new country, culture. And it ‘s the amazing experience.
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