Tue. Nov 30th, 2021
Kenora Alcohol

A new Managed Alcohol Program (MAP) for Kenora has been approved by the North West Local Health Integration Network to target the wellbeing and health of individuals struggling with alcohol addiction. The MAP will operate through the Morningstar Detox Centre at the Lake of the Woods District Hospital, and be funded by the North West Local Health Integration Network.

The program is designed to reduce harm by regularly administering alcohol in order to stabilize and moderate alcohol intake. MAP will initially provide safe and secure housing to 10 individuals to help them relearn basic skills, physically stabilize, and reconnect with their families and communities. Further, they hope that the program will decrease police intervention, emergency room visits, hospital admissions, and healthcare costs, as alcoholism is one of the most expensive areas of care.
Michelle Queen, the executive director of Changes Recovery Homes is very excited about the progress made on the project, and hopes it will have a major impact on the community.

“We worked very hard with community partners and stakeholders to make the Managed Alcohol Program a reality, and our collective vision has gone through several iterations to arrive at the final product,” said Queen.
“Changes Recovery Homes is extremely pleased that those suffering from chronic alcohol addiction will begin to receive the support and services they need. We are grateful to the Morningstar Detox Centre for finding a pragmatic way to move forward with the funding available. We feel that there will be enormous benefits for both the clients and the whole community.”

The North West Local Health Integration Network has heavily supported the MAP project in Kenora due to the extreme need for a new treatment for alcohol addiction in the area. According to a recent news release, a large population of the town suffers from alcoholism and related chronic health issues – particularly the homeless and marginally housed. The MAP will also be beneficial to those who have tried other methods of treatment without success.

The key element to MAP is the clinical staffing and supervision that is currently offered at the Morningstar Centre, as well as the harm reduction programs and support systems.

“The North West LHIN is committed to supporting and advancing the managed drug rehab Winnipeg Program in the region of Kenora. It is a critical step in ensuring that people are connected to high quality harm reduction programs where they are needed,” said Laura Kokocinski, the CEO of North West LHIN.

“Northwestern Ontario will benefit from an integrated model of care that incorporates awareness, education, assessment, early intervention and long-term supports to improve the health outcomes for people living with mental health and addiction issues.The North West LHIN appreciates all of the community support that was received in the development of the Managed Alcohol Program and acknowledges the commitment of the groups and organizations that have contributed to its success.”