How to order food online

Ordering food is much easier than cooking it by yourself. Order food online from the best restaurants near you. It sometimes makes for a good night out too. Food being delivered right to our office desks and homes. Order food from your favourite restaurant, we are bringing you the tastiest offers, yummiest discounts and the most delicious of deals on the best food ordering portals. Ordering food has never been this easy! Not quite sure on how to go about ordering food? Here’s a few quick tips.

Decide what you want and from where you’d like to eat

Are you hungry for a burger? Or would you rather order from your local restaurnt? As long as the shop does deliveries, you can pretty much order whatever you like.  It  depends on you.

Install the app / Find their phone number

There are two ways to order online, simply you can install food delivery app select the store from where you want to food and fill your details then order your food. you can pay cash on online  (debit card, netbanking) and offline(COD). And the second method is you can usually do this by going to their website / search for their phone number online and you can order your food.

Browse and save your money

Browse through our categories for best deals and cashback offers on food orders like Domino’s, swiggy, Freshmenu, Pizza Hut and many more. Search for the best online food ordering coupons and cashback offerswhich are most relevant to you. After activating your deal, Couponyatra redirects you to the site and by the time your order is done with, your cashback also gets tracked.

Place your order

To do this, tell them what you’d like to eat. They will usually ask for your name, number and your address so they know where to deliver the food. Make sure that they confirm your order so you don’t end up with the wrong foods at your door.

Wait for your delivery

Depending on where you live/stay and where you ordered from, the time you’ll have to wait can vary. Usually though, you should be wait for over half an hour. If you’re still waiting, phone them up again and confirm that your order has been delivered. They may have forgotten about it or not finished cooking it yet.

How to order food at restaurant

Find a seat

It’s probably a better idea to find a seat before you get your food. This is because if all the seats are full after you’ve collected your food, you’re going to have to either eat standing up or walk around looking for a seat for quite some time. Also, some restaurants send waiters to your table, so it’s required that you find a seat. At some restaurants, there will be a hostess who will direct you to your seat.

Look at menu

The menu should already be on your table but if it’s not ask a member of staff for one. Menu includes everything that the restaurant sells with their prices. Have a look and see if anything  interests you then decide what you’re going to buy.

Call the waiter

This can be done simply. Call the waiter over or waiting until they come to you. Once they arrive, tell them what you are like to eat. Make sure that they’ve written down the correct food order so that you don’t end up with something that you didn’t want. Remember that they are normal people with jobs, not your slaves.

Wait for your food

At some restaurants, they cook the food from scratch as soon as they get your order. It might take some time for your food to get to you. Just be patient, your food should arrive in half an hour.  If it hasn’t arrived, inform someone. They might have forgotten about your order or it must be a busy day.


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