Quick Cooking Tips for Beginners

New in the kitchen? Great to know that you showed some interest in cooking. Well, it is quite easy if done properly and with caution. To help you with your food adventure, read the following tips for you:

  1. Have your equipment and ingredients ready

From the chopping board to the LPG cylinder tank that you will be using, have them set for your cooking. You probably know where your knives or your spatulas at, but it is better to have them visible and reachable. Make sure that they are complete, clean and in good condition. Don’t you know in Japan last 2013,  there are 206 LPG related accidents? So check your LPG cylinder tank if it’s from a trusted supplier, still intact and safe for use.

Set the ingredients that you’ll make use of. Look if your ingredients are complete so you can buy or look for those who aren’t in your kitchen. You can also measure them accurately for the recipe that you’ll be using. Also, see if these are not still expired and still good for cooking.

  1. Study your recipe

Aside from reviewing the measurements of your ingredients and chronological order in cooking, you should also think of how you will be doing things, what will the taste be, etc. Be reminded that not all recipes are 100% accurate and will result to what you’ve seen on TV or magazine.

  1. Avoid over seasoning

You might have followed the recipe, but when you tasted it, it’s not that good. Well, it’s okay to add more than what is asked for in the recipe but be careful with over seasoning. Others tend to put twice as much and regret it afterward. Remember that it is easier to add if you’ve under season the food, rather than adding water or other ingredients to counter the strong taste, or worst is starting over again.

  1. Defrost your frozen meat properly

Cooking with meat? Put them out of the refrigerator before you even start cooking. If the meat is completely frozen and covered with ice, you will need a few hours before the ice melts. Don’t cook with your frozen meat as the ice will melt only on the pan (giving off more water) and there’s a tendency that your meat will be burnt outside but still raw (and cold) inside.

  1. Be ready with surprises

As mentioned earlier, not all recipes are 100% accurate and will turn out the way you’ve seen them as to how others cooked it. So know how to improvise and adjust some ingredients and measurements if necessary. No worries! This is not as hard as you think. If you think your palate’s bad with judging, you can always ask someone to taste your food. Asking for comments and suggestions will help you with your cooking.

  1. Be calm and have fun!

Elders say that how you feel when your cooking will reflect on the food’s taste. Whether it’s true or not, it’s better if you are having fun while preparing and cooking. It can get a little bit messy and too hot in the kitchen, but you should not lose your energy and good vibes. Besides, cooking is fun, right?

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