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Brides Wear White Wedding Dress

Brides Wear White Wedding DressPicking out your wedding dress is just like choosing the perfect life partner. For conventional brides, there is nothing to think about the color of your wedding dress. In fact, most women opt for white wedding dresses since 1840 with the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert. On the day of her wedding, she reached the Royal Chapel of St.James’sPalace wearing a white satin gown with an Orange blossom wreath despite the questioning of everybody. And Queen Victoria and her choice of color turned out to be the trendsetter.After a few years, popular women’s magazine Godey’s Lady’s Book announced that ‘white is the most fitting hue, whatever may be the material’.

177 years ago, red was the most accepted color of choice for most brides especially for the member of a royal family as it is considered to be the symbol of romance and fertility.Till that time white is symbolized as the color of mourning attire.In 1558, Queen Mary of Scots wore white on her big day, husband died but after a few years husband died. At that time, she was accused of wearing a white dress on her big day.

Symbolism of White

White is traditionally accepted color that signifies purity, innocence, and virginity. The color white also represents a successful beginning by erasing any traces of past actions. In Western culture, the color white is a symbolism of wealth. In eastern countries like Japan, White is the color that symbolizes death rather than black. In certain cultures, White is the symbol of royalty or religious activities. For example, angels are always depicting as wearing white dresses.

In the Catholic church, priests are wearing white dresses at the occasions of Christmas and Easter. The white color dress also uses as christening and communion dresses in Christianity as it is closely associated with purity.

The other significant feature of the white color is that it is impartial and independent. In color psychology, white stimulates openness and creativity. It also signifies the purification of your mind. When you enter into a new life, your mind, thoughts, body and ultimately your spirit need to be clean and fresh. Therefore, wearing white wedding dress is appropriate attire for your wedding day.

There may be many reasons for choosing the white wedding dress- family heritage, personal interest, religious background, or representation of wealth. Nowadays, most of the women opt for a white wedding dress, whereas very few women opt for other colors, if they do, they come under the section of non-traditional brides.

In fact, till the mid 19th century, women use to wear wedding dresses in any color other than white. One of the most famous portraits of Jan Van Eyck’s shows the bride wearing a green gown with a long sleeved blue underdress.

Ultimately, with the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert, the world accepted white wedding trend as a mainstay and the emblem of the innocence of girlhood, a sign of purity and virginity.